We’re Moving!

SOGS is moving to Middlesex College

That’s right! We’ll be right across from the Grad Club in MC 8.

We’ll be CLOSED from Feb 19 (Family Day) and opening our doors on March 1st.


What if I have a question?

In order not to disturb service to members, we will answer queries via email at sogs@uwo.ca during the office closure. Also, try sogs.ca and our Facebook page for information.

What if I need to hand in something?

You can still use our mailbox outside UCC 260 until March 1st to drop off any health claims and application forms. Please make sure all documents are securely stapled together! Use an envelope if possible!

What if my issue is URGENT?

First, try emailing us at sogs@uwo.ca. You can also leave a message at 519-661-3394, though we’ll be checking voicemail less frequently. While we cannot guarantee a response immediately, we will do our best to accommodate you.

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