April Council Summary

The following provides a brief summary of the recent Council meeting on April 26. The complete Council package, which includes the agenda and reports, can be accessed here. Full minutes of the meeting will be available in the April 2018 Council package.

This summary is provided to increase transparency, and to support Councillors in completing their obligations under Bylaw 2.3.5; “shall regularly communicate with his or her constituents concerning the activities, programs, and decisions of the Society”.

If you have any questions, please contact our Communications Administrator (sogs.communications@uwo.ca) or the Speaker (speaker@sogs.ca).


The next Council meeting will be on May 31 at 6pm on the Grad Club patio. We are trying to make this a tradition!

Reminder about Karaoke Night happening tomorrow at the Grad Club:

SOGS LGBTQIA+ Board Game Night & Jazz (May 9)

Do not forget to vote in PSAC 610 voting sessions tomorrow, Friday, April 27 in AHB 1R40.


VP Academic: Jina Kum has been acclaimed as interim VP Academic (until June, when the election will need to be held again).

VP Finance: Laura Cabral has been acclaimed as VP Finance.


Breezing Through Graduate School (May 3)
Student Experience has offered to provide information to students on Learning Skills, Writing Support Centre, and Psychological Services. This is also an opportunity for students to ask questions regarding their navigation through graduate school.

SOGS LGBTQIA+ Board Game Night & Jazz (May 9)

LGBTQIA2S+ – Graduate Student Group (May 10 – June 14)

Stitch & Bitch @ the Grad Club (May 14)

Mindfulness for Graduate Students (May 15 – June 26)

SOGS Summer Orientation Board Game Night (May 16)

SOGS-IGSIC Summer Orientation – Global Cafe (May 17)

Executive Reports

  • VP Academic:
    • More than 900 TA nominations were received. The majority of the Academic Joint Fund has been used.
  • VP Advocacy:
    • Sustainability Committee needs more members!
    • Inclusive Washroom posters: if any washrooms are not properly posted, please contact Equity or advocacy@sogs.ca.
    • Parking Services: working on drafting another letter to address the increasing costs.
  • VP Finance
    • Meeting with Alumni Relations: the Grad Club is eligible for funds; if we name the Board Room, we could possibly receive $100,000.
    • Working on updating the coffee station in the Grad Club.
  • VP Student Services
    • Please ensure you tell your members that Fall Orientation will run from September 10 to September 15. Once details are finalized, graphics will be sent out.
    • Graduate Wellness Week is currently be finalized in partnership with all stakeholders and SOGS Committees.
    • Please subscribe to the Facebook Events page to stay up to date on the events that SOGS hosts throughout the year.
  • Accessibility Commissioner
    • Looking into SSD accommodations on graduate course syllabi; in contact with SGPS. They have responded by stating that it will be brought up at Senate. Working with Lorraine Davies to have this implemented by Fall term.

Passed Motions

All SOGS Committee Chairs were granted their $500 honourarium for their excellent work done over the past fiscal year.

BIRT Council ratifies the IGSIC policy document. (See Appendix 1 of the Council package).

BIRT SOGS sponsor this year’s Pride Parade in the amount of $1000 from the Commissioner line item to match Western University’s donation.

Please look to the next version of the Bylaws & Constitutions document in the coming month for changes.

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