October 2018 Council Summary

Summary for SOGS Council meeting held October 25, 2018:

  • Full October Council package (includes reports and agenda).
  • The next council meeting will be on November 29, 2016, 6 pm,  in MC 105b.
  • Speaker’s Corner will happen before every Council meeting Thursday at 4 p.m. in the Grad Club.




    • Family Halloween Night: Oct 30, 5-7pm @ the Grad Club. Tickets ($5) available in the SOGS Office.


    • Harry Potter Trivia Night @ the Grad Club: Oct 30, 7 pm @ the Grad Club.


    • SOGS Cooking Class at the Masonville Loblaws on Nov 8 from 6-8pm. Tickets are $20. Menu: Arugula, Beet, and Goat cheese salad; Vegetable Risotto; Lemon Creme Brulee


    • Bus trips to the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store in November. Bus tickets are $2. Advertising to follow. (sogs.communications@uwo.ca)
      • Thursday, November 22 (10am-1:30pm)
      • Monday, November 26 (5PM – 8:30pm)
      • Thursday, November 29 (10AM- 1:30PM)


    • Dissertation Drop-in will continue on Fridays in the SOGS Office (MC Room 8).


    • Graduate Peer Support (GPS) drop-ins every Wednesday from 2:30-4:00 pm in the SOGS Office.


    • Volunteers needed for focus group on outdoor furniture for Kent Walk. Several SOGS Councillors have volunteered, if any other SOGS members are interested please email president@sogs.ca asap.


  • Studentcaremust receive any health plan claims from 2017-2018by NOVEMBER 29, 2018.

Errors and omissions:

  • We’re looking for a SOGS representative to sit on the University Biosafety Committee. The Biosafety Committee meets once a year and our next meeting is on November 9, 2018, at 10:30 am in the Support Services Building room 4220.  This will be announced at the General Meeting next week and included in the SOGS newsletter.

  • The nominees for SOGS Chief Returning Officer (CRO) and the Appeals Review Commission (ARC) were incorrectly ratified/elected at last night’s council. The election for these positions is to take place at November Council. Apologies from SOGS Speaker who is addressing the issue with the nominees. Details about the Call for Nominations to follow.

Call for Nominations

  • SOGS Chief Returning Officer (to be elected at November Council)
  • Appeal Review Commission members (to be elected at November Council)


Several elections were held this month at Council. Congratulations to our new VP Finance Steven Janisse, our returning Accessibility Commissioner Martin Ross, our new Indigenous Commissioner Danielle Robinson, our new Pride Commissioner Brody Clement-Thorne, our new Women’s Commissioner Jaclyn Reed. Thank you to the members who volunteered to serve on the Graduate Education Council, and numerous SOGS Committees and to those who were nominated to serve as SOGS Chief Returning Officer (CRO) and on the Appeals Review Commission (ARC).


Motions – Summary and Outcomes:

BCC Motions: Two motions from the Bylaws and Constitution Committee were passed. The motions were with regard to Presidential Election procedures, as well as the formation of the Appeals Review Commission, and were in response to SOGS’ decision to move the Presidential Election to align with the elections for Senate and the Board of Governors.

Letter of Support for UWOFA: A motion was passed asking the SOGS Executive to draft a letter of support for the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association, who will be in a legal strike position in early November and who hope to reach an agreement with Western University before then. Members who wish to submit their own letters may do so here.

Support for BRT: The University Students’ Council had asked SOGS to sign a joint press release addressed to newly-elected city councillors expressing support for Bus Rapid Transit, so the SOGS President brought this request to Council for approval. After a robust discussion, the motion to sign the press release was defeated.

Thesis Completion Fund: In summer 2018, SOGS and PSAC Local 610 ran the Thesis Completion Fund as a one-time initiative to provide some financial support to graduate students beyond their funding period. Council voted to offer the program again in Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 using the remaining funds from the summer.



This summary is provided to increase transparency, and to support Councillors in completing their obligations under Bylaw 2.3.5; “shall regularly communicate with his or her constituents concerning the activities, programs, and decisions of the Society”. If you have any questions, please contact our Communications Administrator (sogs.communications@uwo.ca) or the Speaker (speaker@sogs.ca).

As always, check out our website (www.sogs.ca) and follow us on Facebook (@Western.SOGS) and Twitter (@WesternSOGS) for communications, updates, and information about upcoming events!