Any part time or full time graduate student is a member of the Society of Graduate Students or SOGS, which is governed by a council and executive board.

If you are interested in becoming a councillor for your department, contact us immediately. Anyone interested in a Councillor position must be nominated by two peers from the same department.

Like most student organizations, SOGS provides many services, benefits, and programs to its members, and plays a key role in campus and community affairs.

Amajor part of SOGS’ mandate is advocacy work, with a particular focus on collective advocacy to improve conditions for SOGS’ diverse membership. For planning and carrying out advocacy work, four SOGS committees are especially relevant.

  1. The Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC) is concerned with general advocacy, issues, and campaigns.
  2. The Equity Committee (EC) deals with issues of human rights, discrimination, and accessibility.
  3. The Sustainability Committee (SC) handles matters pertaining to environmental protection.
  4. The International Graduate Students’ Issues Committee (IGSIC) deals with concerns particular to international graduate students.

Together, these four committees are the grassroots foundation of SOGS’ advocacy work. Any graduate student member of SOGS is eligible to join a committee.

In addition, SOGS provides Bursary, Scholarship, Subsidy and Emergency Loans to graduate students. Please visit our Forms page for further information and PDF downloads.


SOGS Informational Flyer

University Community Centre
Room 260
The University of Western Ontario
London, ON  Canada N6A 3K7

p: (519) 661.3394 (or Ext. 83394)
f: (519) 661.3374

Summer Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9 AM – 4 PM.

Friday: 9 AM – noon.