What kind of work do our committees do? They oversee the operations of the Grad Club; they manage the Society’s finances and health plan; they coordinate the Graduate Student Teaching Awards, the Western Research Forum, and the Western Journal of Graduate Research; they help international graduate students; they develop the Society’s Policy Manual, Bylaws, and Constitution; and they work on issues pertinent to graduate students.

Although it may look like a lot, serving on a SOGS committee usually takes very little time. To express appreciation for the work of our committees, SOGS gives every SOGS committee member a $5.00 voucher for the Grad Club for every meeting attended.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the executive officers if you are interested in serving on a Society committee.


Portfolio of the President

Policy Committee
Chair: Vacant


Portfolio of the VP Academic

Academic Committee

Graduate Student Teaching Awards Committee
Chair: Katee Van Campen

Western Graduate Review Editorial Board


Portfolio of the VP External Affairs & Communications

Equity Issues Committee
Chair: Geeta Raghunanan

Graduate Student Issues Committee
Chair: Tennison Yu


Portfolio of the VP Finance

Bursaries and Subsidies Committee
Chair: Matthew Riopel

Finance Committee
Chair: Alexandre Scott

Grad Club Committee
Chair: Stephanie Dorman

Sustainability Committee
Chair: Mehran Dastmalchi


Portfolio of the VP Student Services

Health Plan Committee
Chair: Clayon Hamilton

International Graduate Students' Issues Committee
Chair: Donna Swapp

Orientation and Socials Committee
Chair: Kemi Ola


Reporting to the Speaker / CRO

Bylaws and Constitution Committee
Chair: Martin Lefebvre

Appeals Review Commission
Chair: Vacant

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