Members of SOGS are also members of the Canadian Federation of Students or CFS. The Canadian Federation of Students is Canada's largest student organisation. It is composed of more than 80 university and college students' unions with a combined membership more than 500,000 students .As CFS members, SOGS members receive a number of services and benefits

In addition SOGS advocates on behalf of graduate students at the governmental levels primarily through CFS. Our issues and concerns reach the provincial and federal governments through delegates that we send, on a regular basis, to national and provincial general meetings of the Federation. Through CFS, we are also members of the Ontario Graduate Association (OGA) and the National Graduate Council (NGC).

If you are interested in any reports issued by either the CFS Ontario or the NGC please visit our Documents page for PDFs from the current fiscal year or contact the office for anything previous to that.


CFS - Ontario

CFS Ontario represents 300,000 college and university students from more than 30 students’ unions in Ontario. CFS Ontario is an autonomous, incorporated, not-for profit organisation, affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Students, which brings together over one-half million students across Canada. The Canadian Federation of Students was formed in 1981 to provide students with an effective and united voice, provincially and nationally and to provide cost-saving services to its members. For more information, please visit:


National Graduate Caucus

Nationally, members of SOGS are represented by the National Graduate Caucus (NGC). The NGC, a separate caucus within the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), unites over 70,000 graduate students across Canada. The NGC is the largest graduate student organization in the country, and the only one with an office in Ottawa to lobby federal decision-makers.

The NGC holds three business meetings per year, has a distinct budget, and elects a Chair, Deputy Chair, and representative to the Federation's National Executive. Graduate students also join together with over one-half million students across Canada to lobby on issues of concern to all students such as student debt, tuition fees, and core funding for Canadian universities. For more information about the NGC and the various issues it's presently addressing, visit its new website at:


Learn More About the CFS

Please visit the CFS website to learn more!

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