Please note: Deadline for TA Nominations is April 21st.

Before you proceed, you MUST complete all items marked Required. Any submissions with incorrect information (name, e-mail address, etc.) will not be processed. You must also supply a valid UWO e-mail address with your submission. If you supply a non-UWO e-mail address, or use a UWO e-mail address that does not exist, your submission will not be processed. Also, we will accept only one submission per TA per UWO e-mail address, so you cannot nominate the same TA more than once. (You can, however, vote again for a different TA.)

NOTE: If you don't know your TA's full name or email address, just ask! Tell them you are nominating them for an award and they will surely be flattered. However if you wish to remain anonymous, email your professor or look up the address on the web.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the 5-10 minutes necessary to complete the nomination form. All information submitted on this form will remain confidential and for GSTA purposes only.

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