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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: SOGS Speaker and SOGS VP Academic positions up for election

Members interested in running for SOGS Speaker or VP Academic have until the June Council package report deadline (June 19th) to nominate themselves. Candidates running for VP Academic should send their nomination to the Speaker (speaker@sogs.ca) and candidates running for Speaker should send their nomination to the Executive (executive@sogs.ca). Candidate statements will be published in the June Council package. Elections will be held at June Council (Thursday, June 28, 2018).


From SOGS Accounting:

– SOGS awarded over $31,000 Winter term subsidies. Congratulations to all the winners!

  • 125th Scholarship         $6,000
  • Child Care Subsidies   $3.600
  • Placement Subsidies   $1,104
  • Travel Subsidies          $20,895.06


– Summer Subsidies deadline is August 31, 2018. Forms can be found in the SOGS office (MC 8) or online.


From SOGS Women’s Concerns Commissioner

  • Upstander Training Opportunity: Interested in receiving Upstander sexual violence intervention training? We are offering a free opportunity for 20 Graduate Students in June.
  • Parent Advocacy Group Meeting: Calling all graduate student parents! We’re starting a parent advocacy group to address issues facing graduate parents on campus.

Find out more at sogs.ca/wcc


From SOGS Pride Commissioner:

  • Be sure to come out to the following LGBTQIA+ Graduate Student events on campus in June:
    LGBTQIA+ Discussion Group: Wednesday, June 13th from 2-3, SOGS Office, MC 8. The topic will be Heteronormativity & Cissexism. Donuts and coffee will be provided!
    LGBTQIA+ Social Event: Join us for our monthly social in the Grad Club from 6:30 pm onwards!
  • London’s Pride Festival will be from July 19-29! We will be attending events throughout the week, if you are interested in joining us please email pride@sogs.ca and we will make sure you are on the mailing list. We are also looking for individuals interested in presenting their research on topics related to LGBTQIA+ community at the Pride Festival. If you are interested please email pride@sogs.ca.

Find out more at sogs.ca/pride


From SOGS Accessibility Commissioner, Martin Ross:

Commissioner Ross has been investigating SSD accommodations in graduate course syllabi and taken steps to ensure a section for SSD accommodations be implemented in the graduate course outline document.

Find out more at sogs.ca/accessiblity







  • PSAC 610 UHIP Assistance Fund: If you are a TA that paid UHIP fees for the 2017/2018 academic year, don’t forget to apply for the UHIP Assistance Fund. Applications due by July 3rd.
  • Rise and shine with a Grad Club breakfast for only $5!




  • SOGS trivia contest winners
    • Ben Corrigan
    • Christina Chung
    • Aviva Blacher
  • Trivia question for May: 
    • What mythical creature can be found sitting at the reception desk of the SOGS Administrative Assistant?


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