Graduate Peer Support (GPS)

The Graduate Peer Support (GPS) Committee is focused on supporting graduate student wellness through providing community space, events, and funding opportunities.


  • Organizing monthly Peer Support programming such as: drop-in discussion groups, coffee hours, themed talks from faculty and graduate students, therapy animals, meditation, or nature walks.
  • Overseeing the Food Bank Program for Non-TA Members; this project provided grocery store gift cards to non-TA members facing financial need. Notably, PSAC 610 runs a similar food support program for TAs.
  • Reviewing applications to the Wellness Joint Fund, a project managed by SOGS which provides funding to wellness initiatives organized by departments, student groups, and other member-affiliated units across campus.

 Get involved

If you would like to volunteer with GPS, or recommend an event you’d like to see us host, please contact


Past Graduate Peer Support (GPS) Events


GPSsquareEver feel like you need some space to unwind? Or want the opportunity to talk to other grads about their experiences and studies?

The SOGS Equity Committee, along with SGPS, Student Experience, and CONNECT for Mental Health have teamed up to provide grads with a space for a mid-week break. We invite you to stop by the Wellness Education Center Wednesdays between 10:30am and 12:30pm for coffee, tea, snacks, and company. These drop-in sessions are open to any Western graduate student, and will be hosted by peer support facilitators to keep everything running smoothly.

Our Summer programming runs through August 31. This programming involves an open drop-in session every week, and a themed topic during the first week of the month:

  • August 3 – Unrealistic Expectations of Grad Studies: How Am I Supposed to Do All This

Our Fall programming launches in October. Our Fall programming will have a dedicated weekly schedule that repeats every month:

  • 1st Wednesday — Idle Hands : Keep your hands busy while you’re chatting with puzzles, playdough, and games.
  • 2nd Wednesday — Themed Discussion : Open floor discussion dedicated to a specific aspect of grad life.
  • 3rd Wednesday — Knit and Knatter : Craft kits will be made available, or bring in your own projects. Kids welcome!
  • 4th Wednesday — Study Break : A quiet space to read, write, draw, plan, sketch, or even nap.
  • 5th Wednesday — Special Mystery Event : Each time a month has five Wednesdays ,the 5th week will feature unique scheduling (poetry slam, uke jam, singing bowls…) Suggestions welcome.

We hope you’ll stop by over the summer, or consider getting involved with facilitating GPS. We are currently seeking volunteers interested in being trained as peer support facilitators. Please email the VP Advocacy ( for more information about the program, the committee, or to suggest talks you’d like to see in the future.