Western Research Forum

Established in 1987, the Western Research Forum is the largest multidisciplinary graduate research conference at Western. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform for graduate students to share their innovative work to a wide audience and discuss how their research transcends academic boundaries. What makes the Western Research Forum valuable and unique is that designed for researchers to engage with others outside their field, with the goal of exchanging thoughts and exploring ideas from various perspectives.

The conference presenters are invited to contribute their papers to the Western Research Forum Journal. As of 2017, this journal is available digitally through Scholarship@Western, Western’s open access institutional repository. Previous editions of the journal are available in the SOGS Office (UCC 260).

Many thanks to the contributors, volunteers, administrators and librarians who make the Western Research Forum a success.

This year’s program: Mosaic

Friday, March 10, 2017

9:00 am

AHB 2B02

Opening Remarks:
Jina Kum, Academic Committee Co-chair

Oral Presentations:

The Effects of Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) on the Pulmonary Surfactant and Lung Injury
Reza Khazaee

Pulmonary surfactant fortified with Cath-2 as a novel therapy for bacterial pneumonia
Brandon Baer

Parental quality of life 10 years after their child’s epilepsy diagnosis
Klajdi Puka and Kathy Nixon Speechley

The Impact of Various Predator Perceptions on Stress Response and Spatial Memory in Birds
Chlöe S. N. Carter

A Novel Hybrid Imaging System to Aid in Surgical Decision Making
Lawrence Yip

10:15 am

Refreshment Break

10:30 am
AHB 2B02

Young Researcher Keynote
The Politics of Internet Memes: Fake News, Trolling, and the Populist Power of Pepes

Yimin Chen

11:00 am


Keynote Address
Leadership and Research in Turbulent Times: Why They Matter for Democracy
Dr. Pam Bishop, Faculty of Education

12:00 pm

Grad Club

Lunch Break

1:15 pm

Chu Centre

Open Access: What’s in it for me?

Local Actions/Global Implications: Economic and Social Impacts of Open Access Publishing
Calin Murgu, MLIS Candidate

Rights Well: Understanding Your Rights as an Author
Kristin Hoffman, Associate Librarian

Practicing Open Science
Dr. Lorne Campbell, Dept. of Psychology

2:00 pm

IGAB Atrium

Poster Presentations

3:30 pm

IGAB Atrium

Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks

This year’s posters


Examining the Community Food Environments for Elementary School-Aged Children in the City of London and Middlesex County, Ontario.
Catherine DuBreck


Production of a Protein Subunit Vaccine for Mannheimia haemolytica in Lettuce Chloroplasts.
Coby K. Martin


Role of Prefrontal Cortical Dopamine Transmission in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Opiate Addiction Vulnerability.
Jingjing Li


Settlement Information Needs and Services: A Pilot Study with Bangladeshi Immigrant Women in Canada.
Nafiz Zaman Shuva


Team Interdependence: Construct and Measurement Challenges.
Natasha E. Ouslis, Natalie J. Allen, PhD.


The Western Archive of Dialects and Languages.
Michael IannozzI


Characterizing the Purple Crow Lidar to Investigate Potential Sources of Wet Bias.
Jeffrey VanKerkhove , Robert J. Sica , Robin Wing , Steve Argall


Unravelling Organelle Genome Evolution Architecture Using RNA-sequencing Data.
Matheus Sanita Lima , David Roy Smith


Bearing Witness: Auto/biographical Portraiture as Testimony.
Gina Snooks


Road Cracking Area Percentage Evaluation Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery.
Boyu Feng


Are Restrictions on Advertising Marijuana Constitutional? Balancing Public Health and Charter Rights.
Melanie McPhail


The Influence of Leader-Member Exchange and Structural Empowerment on Nurses Perception of Patient Safety Climate.
Adam Morse , Carol A Wong, Heather K Spence Laschinger


Wagner’s Use of the Formal Lament for King Mark in Tristan und Isolde.
Julie Anne Nord


Estimating the Effects of File-sharing on Movie Box-office.
Zhuang Liu


Family Status Discrimination: The Never-Ending Story.
Christina Iannozzi


RALMO Rotational Raman Temperature Retrieval: First Steps Towards The Application of Optimal Estimation Method (OEM).
Shayamila N. Mahagammulla Gamage , Robert Sica, Alexander Haefele


P3b Event-related Potentials Show Changes in Varsity Football Players Due to Accumulated Sub-concussive Head Impacts.
Jeffrey S. Brooks , James W. Thompson , James P. Dickey


Backstroke Start Performance: The Impact of Using the Omega Backstroke Ledge.
Gordon E. Barkwell , James P. Dickey


Head Impacts in Youth Soccer are Comparable to American Football.
Alexandra B. Harriss , Aakash Naik , Dave Walton , James P. Dickey


The Intersection of Medical Assistance in Dying and Social Work Practice.
Amanda M. Cramm


Knowing Institutions or Knowing Co-Citizens: Two Understandings of Information Literacy and Citizenship.
Martin Nord


Prognostic Predictive Model for the Development of Osteoarthritis using Electronic Medical Record Data.
Jason E. Black


Elucidation of the Signaling Pathway of MERTK.
Kyle Taruc


The Birds and the Beats: Perception of a Beat in an Avian Model.
Brendon Samuels


Psychological Well-Being in Sport: Examining the Construct Validity of a Modified Version of the Scales of Psychological Well-Being.
espina Kouali , Craig Hall , Paige Pope


Global Exponential Stabilization on SO(3).
Soulaimane Berkane


Acute Impact of an Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Stimulus on Human Neurophysiological Function – Magnetophosphene perception.
Cadence M. Baker


Canadian Jewish Women and Girls on the Homefront, 1939-1945.
Jennifer Shaw


Basic Skills or Major-Specific Knowledge? Sources of Wage Penalties for Working Outside the Major Field of Study.
Yuki Onozuka


Optimizing Current Steering in Deep Brain Stimulation for Treating Parkinsonian Axial Motor Symptoms.
Daphne Hui


Assessing the Long Term Effects of Perceived Predation Risk on the Avian Brain.
Lauren E. Witterick


Altered Sensory Processing in Response to Novel DREADD-induced Inactivation of GABA in Pedunculopontine Tegmental Nucleus.
Niveen Fulcher


Design and Evaluation of an Escherichia coli Biomarker for Indication of pH.
Kevin X. Zhou, Luana Langlois, Ashmita Singh, John Prince


The Effects of Standing Desks on Classroom Performance of University Students.
Siobhan Smith


Investigating the Effect of Maternal Immune Activation on Sensory Filtering, Social Behaviour and Attention.
Faraj Haddad