September 2018 Council Summary

The following provides a brief summary of the recent Council meeting on September 27. The complete Council package, which includes the agenda and reports, can be accessed here. Full minutes of the meeting will be available in the October Council package.

This summary is provided to increase transparency, and to support Councillors in completing their obligations under Bylaw 2.3.5; “shall regularly communicate with his or her constituents concerning the activities, programs, and decisions of the Society”. If you have any questions, please contact our Communications Administrator ( or the Speaker (

The next Council meeting will be on October 25, 2018 at 6pm in MC 105B.

New Councillor Orientation: PIZZA! October 18. 

If you are interested in running for the SOGS Commissioner positions (Accessibility, Indigenous, Pride, and Women’s Concerns), submit your nomination statements to by October 18. If you have questions about these positions, contact the Executive or the current Commissioners.

 SOGS Graduate Wellness Week (Oct 1-6)Facebook Event (Share!)
GradCast Recruitment: Oct 5, 4pm (until closing) @ the Grad Club.
GRADtoberfest: Oct 11, 7-9pm @ the Grad Club. Tickets ($5) available in the SOGS Office.
SOGS Halloween Board Game Night: Oct 17 @ 7pm @ the Grad Club.
Family Halloween Night: Oct 30, 5-7pm @ the Grad Club. Tickets ($5) available in the SOGS Office.
Harry Potter Trivia Night @ the Grad Club: Oct 30, 7pm @ the Grad Club.
Dissertation Drop-in will continue on Fridays in the SOGS Office (MC Room 8).
Graduate Peer Support (GPS) drop-ins every Wednesday from 2:30-4:00pm in the SOGS Office.

Guest Speaker:

Student Success Centre (Experiential Learning)
– What feedback do you have on the co-curricular definitions of  teaching assistantship, research assistantship, student  government, and professional development?
– Does the curricular typology reflect the opportunities in your  program/department?
– Do the typologies accurately capture both the undergraduate and  graduate experience?
Contact: and to submit your feedback.

VP Student Services: Jeremy Johnston (acclaimed)
VP Advocacy: Wesam AbdElhamid Mohamed (acclaimed)

Report from VPSS (2015-2018)
VP Bettle submitted her final report for her 3 year-5 month term as VP Student Services. She thanks everyone for all their support over the years! See her 3+ page and transitional manual (draft) in the September Council package.

Free Speech Committee – Consultation Sessions

Tuesday, October 2 – 1-3
Wednesday, October 3: 2:30-4:30
Thursday, October 4: 9:30-11:30
Friday, October 5: 1:30-3:30

VP Academic
Graduate student vacation days: discussion about moving it from 2 weeks to 3 weeks. Feedback? Email
Leave of Absence: Current policy states that students have a maximum of 3 terms. SGPS talking about enforcing this rule. Feedback? Email
SOGS Academic Appeals: VP Academic meets with dozens of students on a regular basis and this is becoming unsustainable. We are looking for

VP Advocacy
Outgoing VP Advocacy, Vanessa Lilly, thanks everyone for all their support! Shout out to the Commissioners, Committee Chairs, Committee members, Executive, and full-time staff.

Pride Commissioner (Patrick Hill)
If you’re interested in running for Pride Commissioner, contact

PSAC 610
Running a TA Wellness Event during Graduate Wellness on October 2, 2018. Contact for how to get involved with the GTA Union!

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