Structural Retreat

SOGS is holding a structural retreat spearheaded by President kirstyn seanor in the month of November!

At this retreat, we will cover a number of issues and discuss service and labour gaps at SOGS. We will also have two open forum sessions to discuss operations of SOGS and Grad Club and strategize for the future.


This retreat is OPEN TO ALL SOGS MEMBERS. If you want to help shape the future of SOGS and have your voice heard, join us at any or all of the retreat sessions listed below. To participate, please fill out our intake survey here.

The registration link includes a space for you to detail how we can further support your participation, such as accommodation requests. Each session will ask participants to consent to an audio recording to support thorough note taking; consent is appreciated, but not required. Please note that sessions moderators are encouraged to mute or boot any participants that engage in harassment or intentional disruption.

As a special thanks to our participants, care packages will be hand-delivered in London and mailed to addresses outside of London in late-November/early December.


Want to participate in the retreat as a volunteer? Please fill out our volunteer intake form here.

Session Topics

Professionalism and Community Care – A discussion about harassment policies, codes of conduct, and discipline proceedings.

Volunteers – A discussion on how to better support and recognize our volunteers (Chairs and Officers included).

Labour Gaps – A discussion on the unmet labour needs of the Society. Can address permanent and contract positions of interest.

Executive Powers – A discussion on the powers necessary for the Executive to hold for effective practice, and appropriate supports/oversights to these powers.

Committees and Chairs – A discussion on the orientation and support processes most appropriate and feasible to support Chairs and the preferred ways to support/structure our Committees.

Commissioners, Coordinators & Advocacy – A discussion about how to better support and structure our various advocacy roles and initiatives.

Debrief – A daily period recommended for moderators and note takers to review notes, confirm details, and identify priorities.

Open Forum – A discussion focused on inviting Councillors and general members to share unanticipated topics and concerns. 

Collaborative Session – An opportunity for Staff and Officers to synthesize discussions from the retreat and generally coordinate next steps.

Have any questions, concerns, and/or ideas? Get in touch with President seanor (

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