Thesis Completion Fund

What is the Thesis Completion Fund?

The Thesis Completion Fund is a collaborative, one-time award program between SOGS and Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 610 (PSAC 610) to provide assistance to graduate students beyond their funding packages.

Why Apply?

The fund is designed to help members who are “year X” or outside of their period of funding in order to off-set costs associated with paying full tuition. 

What is the Value?

Valued at $500 each. Total amount of awards currently available in the Winter 2020 Term is 2.

How to apply:

Fill out the application form and bring it to the SOGS office.


We assess applications based on:

      • The applicant’s grades in graduate school at Western;
      • Their contribution to research;
      • Answers to questions listed in the application; and,
      • Financial need, as demonstrated through information provided on financial resources and total fees.

SOGS and PSAC 610 advocate for proper funding according to the needs of each graduate students.

Applications for the Winter 2020 term are due on February 14, 2020 at 4pm.