SOGS is governed by graduate students at Western. Every February, we call our Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the Executive and members of the SOGS community present their annual reports. This is also where the SOGS budget is voted on. We encourage all SOGS members to attend this meeting.

Governing Bodies, Bylaws, and Policies

Click on the images below to learn more about our governing bodies, bylaws, and policies. If you’re looking for ways to gain relevant skill-sets and make a difference at Western, SOGS is a good place to start.



Council Election Table

The following table describes the election dates for Executive, Non-Executive, and Commissioner positions.

Position Month of election Day of taking office
President As established by the University Secretariat May 1
VP Academic April May 1
VP Advocacy April May 1
VP Finance April May 1
VP Student Services April May 1
Speaker June July 1
Chief Returning Officer November January 1
Ombudsperson July August 1
Commissioners October November 1
Appeals Review Commission January February 1

SOGS Election Handbook (May 2019)