Sustainability Committee

Projects and Initiatives:


“Student Re-Use” – a NEW initiative by SOGS Sustainability Committee (funded through the 2019 WISE Competition)

Every year, Western produces thousands and thousands of tons of preventable waste. One source of this is curbside waste generated from students moving in and out of temporary housing on campus. During the busy moving seasons, students often throw unwanted (but reusable) items to the side of the road for quick and easy disposal – items such as furniture, clothing, household appliances, and school supplies. Often times these items are in perfect condition to be used by others, but instead they end up at the local landfill generating more and more unnecessary waste and pollution.

In an effort to address this issue, SOGS Sustainability Committee – in collaboration with Sustainability Western and campus Wellness Committees – is developing a program called “Student Re-use”. This initiative will offer students a space to not only drop off unwanted usable items, but to also collect any dropped off items for their own use, free of charge. The program will also offer transportation services on select days/times, in which we will assist in the collection of unwanted, donatable items from nearby student residencies.

The goal of our program is two-fold: 1) reduce local waste and promote the recycling of usable items, and 2) encourage students to help one another. This year, we will be implementing a pilot program that will be used to gauge interest and determine the feasibility and sustainability of this initiative.

We hope the program will be successful and popular among SOGS members and the greater Western community!


Committee Members:


  • Sabina Rakhimbekova (Co-Chair)
  • Joyla Furlano (Co-Chair)
  • Rebecca Horst
  • Indra Bishnoi
  • Archana Tamang
  • Panagiota Stamatopoulou
  • Ian Arturo
  • Afshin Marani
  • Meredith Louise Fyfe
  • Harshita Jaiprakash


  • Shelby Wilson Powell
  • Chloe Graham
  • Colleen Musialski[/expand]


  • Sabina Rakhimbekova (Chair)
  • Kara Muro
  • Adele Jacks
  • Angela McInnes
  • Dennis Deyi He
  • Leah Barker


  • Anna Hall
  • Teri Fallowfield
  • William Diebel
  • Maria Sia
  • Rebecca Doyle
  • Taylor Lowe
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