The server is open to SOGS members, past and present, as well as persons associated with the SOGS community (i.e., family members, partners, etc.).

The SOGS Orientation and Social Committee (OSC) moderates the Discord Server.  Contact OSC with questions.

Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/A7hMX34 


Read the Beginner’s Guide to Discord HERE.

Watch a short video:

See our Discord Server rules:

Server Rules:  
  • 1 No hate speech on any topics including but not limited to: race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Any racial/hateful/offensive slurs posted on this server will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  • 2 Please refrain from posting or talking about any of the following items in our text channels or voice channels: Racism, Sexism, NSFW Material, Personal Information (yours or another’s) that people shouldn’t know about, direct insults, and please: no spam.
  • 3 As in any SOGS setting: belittling, verbally attacking or being overly rude or mean to others will not be tolerated. The demeaning of others has no place here in this server and we will not approve of that kind of behaviour. Show respect to others even if they do not respect you in return.
  • 4 No harassment on this server or in DMs. This includes unwanted sexual advances, ghost pinging, excessive messaging, etc. If you have received unwanted DMs, please contact an Administrator or Moderator.
  • 5 Impersonating, willfully or otherwise, is not tolerated in this space. SOGS respects each user’s right to remain anonymous. But any username that could be construed as a “real name” (and is not your real name) must be changed to something that is obvious to be an anonymous nickname. Movie/Book character names are allowed. You may be asked to change your name if it seems to violate this rule.
  • 6 Attempting to circumvent sanctions, e.g., by use of alternative accounts, can result in being kicked or permanently banned from the server.
  • 7 Please be courteous of others and avoid spamming “@” commands unless needed. Members are barred from using “@/everyone”
  • 8 For general hangouts and conversation use #coffee-shop. You can post about any topic here. Think of this like a chat room where people can hold text-chat conversations while hanging out together
  • 9 Please use the appropriate text and voice channels when discussing a topic. The reason we have so many channels is to allow members to filter what they do and do not want to see. World events can be stressful, so please respect other’s abilities to choose what content to consume. Note: you can “mute” a channel if you do not wish to see notifications: right click on the channel > Mute Channel > Until I turn it back on.
  • 10 Debate channels are less-moderated. Please keep discussion civil and attack the idea, not the person. These channels are for debate, and can get heated. Please be aware of this before reading or using the following channels: #world-politics, and #sogs-chat. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact any of the @admin team, or a @moderator if no admin is online.

SOGS Virtual Graduate Student Community link: https://discord.gg/A7hMX34

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