The table below illustrates the break-down of your SOGS membership fees. Although we try to keep this page up to date and accurate, please consult graduate student section of the Ancillary Fees document on the Office of the Registrar’s Fee Schedules page if you would like to confirm any of these details.

2017 – 2018 SOGS Fees Full-time  Part-time 
Membership Fee* 27.43 16.68
Bus Pass Dues 75.78
Bus Pass Administration Fee 0.42
CFS Membership Dues 5.49 2.75
Health Plan Premium ** 590.96
Health Plan Administration Fee * 9.99

NOTE: Student Dues and Fees come into effect [i.e. collected by the University] September 1 of the new fiscal year.

* Administration Fees are increased annually by the rate of the Ontario Consumer Price Index in accordance with the SOGS Bylaws to support the administration of the programs.

** Health & Dental Fees are collected annually for the academic year (September 1 through to August 31.). Rates will be prorated for students enrolling in January and May. Health and Dental Premiums are projected at the maximum charge according to the Society’s Insurance Broker, Campbell & Company Insurance Consultants Ltd.

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