Welcome to the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS), your graduate student advocacy organization and government at Western University. SOGS represents over 6000 graduate students annually across more than 60 departments on campus.


Western University is situated on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabeg, Haudenosaunee, Lunaapeewak and Attawandaron peoples, who have longstanding relationships to the land and region of southwestern Ontario and the City of London. The local First Nation communities of this area include Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Oneida Nation of the Thames, and Munsee Delaware Nation. In the region, there are eleven First Nation communities and a growing Indigenous urban population. SOGS values the significant historical and contemporary contributions of local and regional First Nations and all of the Original peoples of Turtle Island.

We are organizing The Colour of My Faith video campaign and  invite SOGS members and the WesternU community to participate in order to:
    • To raise awareness about specific issues relating to the treatment of Muslims in Canada; and,
    • To counter false beliefs about visibly diverse groups by creating a safe space for individual expression.

How You can Participate: Using your own Webcam or phone camera, create a video (30 to 90 seconds) in which you explain, in your own words, the importance of:

    • Confronting and fighting Islamophobia, prejudice, and racism in our society. If you can think of one significant factor or one important step towards a more inclusive and just society, what would that be?
    • A visible component of your identity. This could, for example, even include cultural/racial/religious gear, such as clothing, headwear, jewelry and accessories. You may choose to describe that aspect of identity and its significance (and implications) for you and your community. 

At the very end of your video(s), we ask that you hold up a sign to the camera for three (3) seconds. The sign should have one or two words written on it that represent what the phrase “the colour of my faith” signifies to you.

**Please look and speak directly into the camera. Make sure your voice is clear and audible. If using a phone camera, hold the phone in landscape mode.
What will we do with Your Video? We will promote your experience and viewpoint on social media together with all who shared their experiences. This video campaign is a spotlight against racism and Islamophobia.
Questions? Email the SOGS VP Advoacy, Yousuf Hasan, at advocacy[at]sogs[dot]ca.