Wellness Joint Fund

What is the Wellness Joint Fund?

The Wellness Joint Fund is a financial aid program designed to help support wellness events for graduate students on and off campus. Priority is given to on campus events – graduate students are more likely to attend events on-campus  and off-campus events that benefit the health and wellness of graduate students.

This fund is jointly administered by SOGS, SGPS, and Western Student Experience. Applications to the fund are adjudicated by the SOGS VP Student Services and volunteers from the Graduate Peer Support committee.

Value: $250 per event

Applications must be received at lease 30 days prior to the wellness event. 

In addition to financial support, Western Student Experience also helps by offering:

  • marketing services
  • graphic design services
  • logistical help (e.g. room booking)
  • data collection/analysis support

What kinds of events are funded?

  • Wellness-focused fitness classes
  • Health and wellness seminars
  • Health and wellness guest speakers
  • Health and wellness events, initiatives, outings
  • Cultural events that promote wellness by bringing people together.

Who can apply?

  • Graduate departments
  • Graduate student associations/councils
  • Graduate students
  • Departmental faculty
  • Any member of the graduate student community that will be engaged in aiding in the support of graduate student wellness.

How to apply:

  • Complete the Wellness Joint Fund form available here. Please note that the form requires the signature of either your Graduate Program Coordinator, the Graduate Chair, or the Department Chair .
    • In addition, the application requires: Letter of Intent (A description of the initiative, event, speaker, etc.) which discusses the importance and relevance for graduate student wellness; Detailed budget (includes an itemized list of all sources of revenue (program, faculty, external sources, registration fees, etc.) and itemized expenses; A proposed schedule of the event.
  • Email the completed application form to the SOGS VP Student Services (services@sogs.ca)

Regulations of the Wellness Joint Fund:

  1. All individuals and organizations receiving funds must acknowledge SOGS, SGPS, and Student Experience sponsorship on all publications, broadcasts, and/or advertisements of the event.
  2. Applications must be complete or they will not be considered. All applicants are responsible for ensuring that this application form is accurate and complete and contains the required signatures.
  3. All applications must include a budget that outlines all other sources of revenue (e.g., departmental sources of funding, donations, or registration fees) and estimated expenses.
  4. Priority will be given to applications that will benefit the largest number of graduate students. However special consideration will be given to projects of unique merit.
  5. Low priority will be assigned to applications which heavily overlap with other funding alternatives (SOGS Academic Joint Fund, SOGS Social Fund, etc.).
  6. Funds may not be used for departmental operating expenses.
  7. Recipients are required to provide receipts and return unused funds within one month of the completion date stated in the application.
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