Social Fund

The Social Fund is to support Graduate Student Associations and Departments to host social events to foster a stronger and more visible graduate student community at Western.

The Social Fund is not meant to replace or supplement Graduate Association/Department funding, but to provide additional funding and support in order to strengthen relationships within and between Graduate Associations/Departments.

Funding amount: Undisclosed –> Depends on the application and the amount of money left in the SOGS budget at the time of application submission.

In addition to funding, supports can include (but are not limited to):

  • help coordinating event logistics
  • brainstorming event ideas
  • room booking, ticket sales
  • advertising, board game loans
  • helping staff the event, prizes
  • Grad Club money or financial support



  1. Priority will be given to applications that will benefit the largest number of graduate students or projects with unique merits
  2. Low priority will be assigned to applications which heavily overlap with other funding alternatives (SOGS Academic Joint Fund, SOGS Wellness Joint Fund, etc.)
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