Peer Advisor for Academic Matters

The Peer Advisor for Academic Matters is a free and confidential service offered through SOGS to help graduate students navigate any issues related to their academic success. The Peer Advisor position is occupied by a current Western University graduate student who has been hired by a selection panel composed of the SOGS Vice-President Academic, the SOGS Membership Services Manager, the outgoing Peer Advisor, and an additional SOGS Executive member. 

The Peer Advisor is trained in university academic policies, procedures, and peer-support approaches through the safeTALK program, the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Leadership in Wellness program, Equity & Human Rights Services, as well as Student Experience’s Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity training modules. 

The Peer Advisor is responsible for providing suggestions, resources, and support including but not limited to: 

  • Academic Appeals (course or examination marks)
  • Scholastic Discipline and Appeals (cheating, plagiarism, falsified documentation)
  • The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) Regulations such as:
    • Program Admissions
    • Registration Status (Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, Full-time/Part-time) 
    • Funding (institutional, provincial, international, Tri-council) 
    • Supervision and supervisory conflicts (role expectations and requirements, changing a supervisor) 
    • Program Milestones (comprehensive exam, thesis submission, thesis 
  • PSAC 610/Graduate Teaching Assistants(benefits, resources, Center for Teaching and Learning, GTA training)
  • Research Roles (Graduate Fellowships/Graduate Student Assistantships payment, role outlines, tax deductions)
  • Professional Development (writing support, workshops, Western Connect) 
  • Accessibility(Academic accommodations)
  • Campus resources(financial aid, mental health services)

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2023-2024 Peer Advisor on Academic Matters

Kevin Moore |

In order to protect your privacy, all advocacy work done for SOGS members will be kept confidential as per the SOGS confidentiality agreement.


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