SOGS Bursaries are awarded each term (Summer, Fall, Winter)  to full-time members of the Society of Graduate Students (Masters or Doctoral) who have demonstrated financial need.


The Society of Graduate Students bursary program two bursary types:

  1. The OSOTF Bursary is valued at $1500 each and are awarded to students from Ontario with demonstrated financial need.
  2. The OOP Bursary is valued at $1500 each and are awarded to students from outside Ontario with demonstrated financial need. *International students may apply. 

Applications are completed on-line through the SGPS Graduate Student Portal.

Deadline dates are: September 30, January 31, and May 31. Please note that the SGPS online portal for these bursaries do not open until the first month of each term.

Bursaries are adjudicated approximately 6 weeks after the SGPS web application closes (i.e., mid-July). You will be contacted via email. 

Bursary applications are only available online.

NEW! StudentCare Indigenous Graduate Student Bursary

VALUE: $2,000

HOW TO APPLY: Fill out THIS online application

DEADLINE: February 12, 2021 by 11:59 pm EST

ELIGIBILITY: Awarded annually to an Indigenous* to Canada (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) student, based on demonstrated financial need.

CONTACT: Erin Daley, Scholarship Coordinator (edaley2@uwo.ca)

* The term “Indigenous” is defined based on the Canadian Constitution Act 1982 as a person of First Nations (Status/non-Status), Métis, or Inuit ancestry.