Graduate students who find themselves in financial need have access to a full range of bursary programs, loans, and financial aid counselling at Western, including the Graduate Bursary (also known as the Graduate Student Bursary and Work Study Application) administered by SGPS (the School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies.)

Applications are completed online through the WesternU Student Centre portal.  For more information, please see the details on the SGPS website: grad.uwo.ca/finances/bursary.html

*Please note this award is sometimes referred to as the “SOGS bursary.” This is because SOGS (the Society of Graduate Students) helped create the program and is a financial contributor. The administration of these awards, however, is handled by SGPS (the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies); the SOGS Office does not process, review, or adjudicate any of the applications for this bursary.


Awarded annually to an *Indigenous student (First Nations, Métis, or Inuit) in any graduate program, based on demonstrated financial need. This bursary was established by a generous gift from StudentCare, the SOGS health & dental plan insurance broker.

For more details and how to apply, please visit the SGPS website: grad.uwo.ca/finances/indigenousbursary.html

** The term “Indigenous” is defined based on the Canadian Constitution Act 1982 as a person of First Nations (Status/non-Status), Métis, or Inuit ancestry.


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