Any graduate student member of SOGS is eligible to join a committee. A major part of SOGS’ mandate is advocacy work, with a particular focus on collective advocacy to improve conditions for SOGS’ diverse membership. Our Committees are the grassroots foundation of SOGS’ advocacy work.

A brief overview of the Committees is provided below; links are included for more detailed descriptions, if available.

Overview of Committees

Portfolio of the President (

The Policy Committee reviews existing SOGS policy and drafts new policy to fill requests or need. The committee’s current priority involves compiling an official policy manual for SOGS.

Chair: Michelle Wong |

Portfolio of the VP Academic (

The Academic Committee oversees:

  • SOGS Western Research Forum (WRF): largest multidisciplinary graduate research conference at Western.
  • WRF Publication: Scholarship@Western platform where WRF presenters are invited to submit their work.
  • Academic Joint Fund: a fund that supports graduate students run interdisciplinary scholastic events and showcase graduate student research.

Co-Chairs: Carolyn Hill and Joyla Furlano | and

Gradcast Editorial Board (GradCast) 
GradCast is weekly (Tuesdays at 6pm on CHRW 94.9) radio and podcast talk show about graduate student research, produced by graduate students.Chair: Ariel Frame |
Graduate Student Teaching Awards Committee (GSTA)
GSTA Committee is responsible for gathering and evaluating nominations from Western students, faculty, and staff, to award GTAs that have demonstrated teaching excellence in partnership with PSAC 610 and SGPS. Find more about the awards and ceremony here.Chair: Ibrahim Ibrahim |

Portfolio of the VP Advocacy (

The Equity Committee (EC) is dedicated to assuring that all graduate students at Western have an equal opportunity to successfully complete their graduate education while having an excellent student experience. It oversees the Not All the Same campaign. This committee works in partnership with the SOGS Commissioners.

Chair: Taniya Nagpal |

The Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC) monitors, assesses, and responds to issues pertaining to the quality and accessibility of graduate education, and they work to keep graduate students informed of these issues. This committee traditionally selects members of the Society to be dispatched as delegates to general meetings of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), and otherwise attends to political advocacy on behalf of the society.

Chair: Ibrahim Ibrahim |

The Graduate Peer Support (GPS) Committee aims to provide resources and opportunities to support the social, emotional, and financial well-being of graduate students at Western University. It oversees the SOGS Food Bank Program, the Wellness Joint Fund, Graduate Wellness Week, and drop-in graduate peer support.

Chair: Nickolas Goncharenko |

The Sustainability Committee (SC) strives to make the Grad Club more sustainable, and provides fundamental concepts in sustainability to graduate students in a fun and stress-free setting.

Chair: Sabina Rakhimbekova |

Portfolio of the VP Finance (

The Bursaries and Subsidies Committee is responsible for the allocation of subsidies and bursaries to applicants. SOGS provides graduate students with various forms of financial support: bursaries, emergency loans, and subsidies (child, travel, and professional placement).

Chair: Michelle Wong |

The Finance Committee is responsible for creating the budget for SOGS. The committee accepts new members from the February to November council meetings.

Chair: Steven Janisse |

The Grad Club Committee (GCC) is responsible for overseeing the running of the Grad Club, including finances, renovations, and events. See the Grad Club website for menu and weekly events.

Chair: Vacant |

Portfolio of the VP Student Services (

The Health Plan Committee (HPC) is responsible for overseeing the tendering and hiring of the broker (currently Studentcare) for the SOGS Extended Health Plan provider. For general questions about your plan, contact the SOGS Administrative Assistant. For detailed questions, contact Studentcare.

Co-Chairs: Roger Hudson and Nitya Gannavarapu | and

The International Graduate Students’ Issues Committee (IGSIC) runs an annual Orientation Meet & Greet in September, social events throughout the year, and advocates on behalf of international graduate students (e.g. petitions). Join their Facebook group to see their events (which includes an annual Tax newsletter). Check out IGSIC’s International Graduate Student Guide to Western and our resources for international students.

Chair: Krystyna Wieczerzak|

The Orientation and Social Committee (OSC) is a SOGS committee devoted to organizing Graduate Orientation and social events throughout the year, which includes our monthly Board Game Night (third Wednesday). The OSC is also devoted to supporting The Grad Club by hosting the majority of its events there. Like us on Facebook to keep up with our events!

Chair: Nicole Devos |

Reporting to the Speaker/CRO

The Bylaws and Constitution Committee
Chair: April Morris |
The Appeals Review Commission
Chair: Vacant
Ad-hoc Committee for Council Protocol review
Chair: L. Wong (Speaker)|