Emergency Loans

The Society administers a financial service aimed at providing emergency loans of up to $1,000. SOGS members in good standing may apply for an emergency loan. In an effort to help our members, the loan is interest-free. Loans are secured through post-dated repayment cheques.

Emergencies are wide-ranging, so we don’t judge; we just help.

How does the Emergency Loan Program work?

We loan you anywhere from $100 to $1000. You repay us within 30 days or three months, depending on how much money you take.

For example, if you take a loan for $100-$900, you must repay it within 30 days. If you take a loan for $1000, you can repay SOGS over three months, typically in equal payments.

How do you obtain the loan?

  1. Find our application HERE.
  2. Take it to your home department and have your Graduate Program Coordinator or Department Chair sign off on the form. 
  3. Email it to the SOGS Finance Manager –  sogs.accounting@uwo.ca.
  4. PROOF OF INTENT TO PAY:  In order for us to release the emergency loan to members, we require a PRE-AUTHORIZED DEBIT FORM from. One will be provided to you for completion by the Finance Manager, upon approval of the loan.
  5. Directions on how to receive the loan will also be clarified via email by the Finance Manager.

Students with more complicated financial needs should seek appropriate support from their department, School of Graduate and PostDoctoral Studies, or book an appointment with Financial Aid – WSSB 1100 finaid@uwo.ca.

Please download the application from our Documents page.

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