Council Summary

Access the June 2021 Council package package.


  • Motion 1: Council recommends the $500 honorarium granted to Mohammed Ellakany for their work as Graduate Student Issues Committee Chair
  • Motion 2: Council recommends the one-time, one-month stipend to Deputy Speaker Mitchell Glover for his service as the Acting Speaker during the month of May 2021
  • Motion 3: Council recommends the amendment of Article to include the words, “the Deputy Speaker…, the Coordinators, the Ombudsperson…” in the unified documents
  • Motion 4: Council recommends that ‘Article 2.5.1. General’ be created to house Articles and within the ‘2.5 Other Elections’ section of the unified documents
  • Motion 5: Council recommends the numbering of the first paragraph in Bylaw 2.6. Exceptional Circumstances of the unified documents
  • Motion 6: Council recommends the changes made to the specified policy documented created by the Orientation and Social Committee Policy
  • Motion 7: Council recommends changes to Bylaw to include, “…Weeks (the week of the second Monday each term) and the addition of “ Shall oversee the SOGS Social Fund and SOGS Clubs programs
  • Motion N01: Council recommends that the budget for the 2021-22 Capital Purchases lines be amended from $0 to $4000 to support the purchase of office equipment for the 4th SOGS office position


The following committees had new members ratified:
  • GradCast Committee
  • Graduate Peer Support Committee
  • Orientation and Social Committee
  • Sustainability Committee