125th Anniversary Scholarship


Are you a grad student who pays more in tuition than are funded? Apply to the 125th scholarship!  Scholarships are adjudicated by the Academic Committee. 

Based on financial need, academic merit, research excellence, and community involvement.



  • WHAT: A scholarship for students who pay more in tuition than they are funded by the university.
  • VALUE: $1,500 each, 4 awards per year (2 scholarships each for Master’s and PhD students).
  • DEADLINE: Applications are due on Tuesday, April 30th by 4pm ET
  • HOW: The application form can be found on our documents page. Email your application to academic@sogs.ca.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Full-time Master’s and Doctoral student SOGS members.
  • ASSESSMENT: This application is assessed based on:
      • Academic merit: Academic merit is to be defined as publications, academic conference participation and similar achievements.
      • Research excellence
      • Community involvement: The above criteria being equal between two or more applicants, the Academic Committee may take into account the applicants’ contributions to the university community and the greater community.
      • Financial need: The applicant must be able to demonstrate that they receive less in funding from the university and other academic sources (scholarships and bursaries already expected) than he or she pays in tuition fees. 

Applications which demonstrate that students receive more in funding than they pay in tuition will not be considered. The applicant will be required to release their financial information from the university  to the Academic Committee, if requested.

Please note that award will be adjudicated by a committee comprised of SOGS members, whom have signed the Confidentiality Agreement to protect applicant’s confidentiality and privacy. SOGS confidentiality agreement document (PDF)

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