Middlesex College, Room 8
Western University
London, ON Canada N6A 5B7

Phone: (519) 661-3394 (or extension 83394 from a campus phone)

If you encounter any issues with the SOGS website, please let us know.


Executive Officers

All executive members   executive[at]sogs[dot]ca
President Danica Facca president[at]sogs[dot]ca
VP Academic Kevin Moore academic[at]sogs[dot]ca
VP Advocacy Yousuf Hasan advocacy[at]sogs[dot]ca
VP Finance Becky Horst finance[at]sogs[dot]ca
VP Student Services Kesavi Kanagasabai services[at]sogs[dot]ca

Non-Executive Officers and Commissioners

Speaker kirstyn seanor  speaker[at]sogs[dot]ca
Deputy Speaker Jillian Warman deputy[dot]speaker@sogs[dot]ca
Ombudsperson Jake Collie   ombudsperson[at]sogs[dot]ca
Chief Returning Officer Esther Fagbemi cro[at]sogs[dot]ca
Accessibility Commissioner Ashton Forrest accessibility[at]sogs[dot]ca
Pride Commissioner Hanna Barnett pride[at]sogs[dot]ca
Gender Concern’s Commissioner Cathy Huang gender[dot]concerns[at]sogs[dot]ca
Racial Equity and Inclusivity Commissioner Cherin Chung racial.equity[at]sogs[dot]ca
Peer Advisor for Academic Matters Navneet Kaur academic[dot]advisor[at]sogs[dot]ca
Sustainability Coordinator Brendon Samuels sustainability[dot]coordinator[at]sogs[dot]ca

Committee Chairs

Academic Committee Erind Alushaj academic.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
Appeals Review Commission Aminmohamed Manji arc[at]sogs[dot]ca
Equity Committee Cherin Cheung equity.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
Finance Committee Vivienne Hang finance.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
Grad Club Committee Azmat Jehan & Alyssa Moore gradclub.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
Gradcast Amalie Hutchinson gradcast[at]sogs[dot]ca
Graduate Peer Support Committee Wendy Blunt gps.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
Graduate Student Issues Committee Christina Safar gsic.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
Health Plan Committee Joshua Ahn healthplan.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
International Graduate Students’ Issues Committee Deeplina Bannerjee & Ashka Thaker igsic.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
Orientation and Social Committee Casey Boettinger & Jenica Kakadia osc.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
Policy Committee VACANT policy.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
Subsidies Committee Bradley Bork subsidies.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca
Sustainability Committee  Katarina Kukolj & Julia Hammer  sustainability.committee[at]sogs[dot]ca


Communications & Promotions Manager Heidi Kellett sogs.communications[at]uwo[dot]ca
Digital Media & Communications Assistant Caroline Diezyn[at]sogs[dot]ca
Finance Manager Raquel Rodrigues sogs.accounting[at]uwo[dot]ca
Governance & Policy Manager Nick DeSumma sogs.governance[at]uwo[dot]ca
Membership Services Manager Jessica Elaine Reilly sogs[at]uwo[dot]ca
Grad Club Manager Marc Lalonde gradclub[at]uwo[dot]ca
Grad Club Operations Manager Mark “Cookie” Brigham kitchenmgr[at]uwo[dot]ca

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