Who We Are

The Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) is the graduate student advocacy organization and government at Western University. Dating back to the 1960’s, SOGS originally had 1500 members and a small executive team, which focused mainly on representing the social interests of its members.

Today, SOGS is a graduate student union that represents over 6,000 members and runs a student government. Additionally, SOGS works with sister unions and stakeholders on-campus and politicians off-campus to fight for student rights in Ontario and abroad. A local (#47) of the Canadian Federation of Students, SOGS works to keep the university and our governments accountable to students.

Over the decades SOGS and has expanded its operation to include:
  • Negotiating the graduate student health & dental plan and bus pass for all members;
  • Funding committees that engage students socially and culturally;
  • Creating new Commissioner (Accessibility, Indigenous, Pride, Racial Equity and Inclusivity, Women’s Concerns) positions that advocate for all bodies on campus;
  • Hosting, and adjudicating the Western Research Forum;
  • Owning  the Grad Club, an on-campus bar and restaurant that employs nearly 20 staff members;
  • Organizing various orientation, wellness, and academic events to enrich graduate student life;
  • Offering academic, financial, and social/cultural support to members; and,
  • so much more…

Need some help, or something to eat? SOGS and the Grad Club are located on the ground floor of Middlesex College.

SOGS is YOUR graduate student voice on campus.
Are you a member?