Members and Membership Dues


The table below illustrates the breakdown of your SOGS membership fees. Please consult the graduate student section of the Ancillary Fees document on the Office of the Registrar’s Fee Schedules for additional Western University student fees.

2018 – 2019 SOGS Fees Full-time  Part-time 
SOGS Membership Fee* 36.85 19.73
Bus Pass Dues 80.03
Bus Pass Administration Fee 0.42
CFS Membership Dues 5.49 2.75
Health Plan Premium ** 590.96
Health Plan Administration Fee * 9.99

NOTE: Student Dues and Fees come into effect [i.e. collected by the University] September 1 of the new fiscal year.

* Administration Fees are increased annually by the rate of the Ontario Consumer Price Index in accordance with the SOGS Bylaws to support the administration of the programs.