The Society offers 3 subsidies (childcare, professional placement, and travel), which are awarded 3 times per year (summer, fall, and winter terms). The applications are due by the last business day of each term.

Please note that our subsidies are limited and are in high demand. Please make sure you complete the application form and include original receipts, plus all other required documentation.

  • VALUE: Up to a maximum of $400 per term
  • WHY: To offset the cost of child care services for graduate students.
  • HOW: Fill out the form and attach your receipt(s). Bring your application to the SOGS office by the last business day of the term.
  • NOTES:
    • The confidentiality of all applications is assured.
    • SOGS collects general statistical information about the childcare subsidy in order to better lobby the University for improved childcare assistance and facilities.
    • SOGS members are eligible to receive the Childcare Subsidy twice per academic year, with a cap of 3 times over the course of your graduate degree. In other words, you may only receive this subsidy a maximum of 3 times total. 

  • VALUE: Each subsidy is worth up to a maximum of $500 based on demonstrated need.
  • WHY:  To off-set the costs associated with travel and accommodations of SOGS members undertaking professional placements, practicums, co-ops, or other experiential learning opportunities that are REQUIRED for the completion of their degree.
  • WHO: Students who are enrolled in Category II programs (i.e., non-funded professional masters) will be given first priority.
  • HOW: Fill out the application form and departmental placement letter and attach your receipt(s). Bring your application to the SOGS office by the last business day of the term.
  • NOTES:
      • Applications must be submitted within the term the placement or experiential learning activity ends. For example, if you started your co-op in November and it ended in February, you submit your application min the Winter Term. 

  • WHAT: Travel Subsidies are designed to help off-set the cost of professional conference travelling for students acting as “first-presenter”. 
  • VALUE: Each subsidy is worth up to a maximum of $500 based on demonstrated need.
  • WHO: All SOGS members are eligible.
  • HOW: Fill out the application and attach your
      • paper abstract
      • travel documents (i.e., boarding passes)
      • receipts, and
      • registration fee OR proof of participation (i.e., page of the conference program that lists your presentation time slot)
  • NOTE: The information collected through this form is used by SOGS for internal statistical purposes. Confidentiality of all information will be maintained.

Application requirements

The following conditions must be met for applications to be considered:

  1. Applications MUST be hard copy. If you are not physically in London, you will need to mail your application to the SOGS Office.
  2. Applications must be complete and accurate. Please read the application forms carefully.
  3. All relevant original receipts must be attached (stapled) and in order. The order corresponds to the second page of the application where students are asked to list expenses in specific categories.
  4. Submitted receipts must be the original receipts. If you have already submitted the originals to your dept./faculty for reimbursement, and that office has stamped and signed the photocopies as proof they are in possession of the original receipts.
  5. The provided income information must be more than $0. We need to know how much money you are living on for the term, regardless if it is in the form of a loan, line of credit, parental/spousal support, and/or school/government funding, etc.
  6. Applications must be printed out and provided in person. All applications should be hand-delivered or mailed to the SOGS Office (Middlesex College, Room 8).
  7. Applications must be provided by the last business day of each term.
  8. Please download the application from our Documents page.

If you have extenuating circumstances and cannot comply with these submission rules, please contact for more information.[/expand]