NEW CLUBS: Want to start your own graduate student club? SOGS’ Orientation and Social Committee (OSC) can help! Review and complete our new Clubs application process.

Board Game Club

Love board games? Want to link up with folx who are keen to meet new friends and try out some new board games, both in person and online?

Want to join the club? Contact the OSC chairs, Casey Boettinger & Jenica Kakadia (

Did you know that SOGS has a collection of over 60 board games at the Grad Club? We regularly host a monthly Board Game Night at the Grad Club.

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Book Club

Love to read? SOGS Book Club hosts monthly meetings where you get to share the love of literature but also rant, vent, and commiserate over the hilariousness of some poorly written fiction. Membership is free.

For the month of June 2022, we’re reading Guncle, a story about a gay uncle who winds up being the primary guardian of his niece and nephew after tragedy and illness strike. Quickly realizing that parenting—even if temporary—isn’t solved with treats and jokes, Patrick’s eyes are opened to a new sense of responsibility, and the realization that, sometimes, even being larger than life means you’re unfailingly human.
The book club will meet up on July 8th at 7pm via Zoom to discuss the book.
Want to participate? Head over to the #literary-adventures channel on the SOGS Discord Server (join the server at Chat with fellow bookworms, make new grad school friends, and take a break from academic work.

Get in touch with the Book Club organizer, Celina De Lancey (, if you have any questions.  

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Exercise is Medicine (Graduate Chapter)

Exercise is Medicine® Canada (EIMC) is a national movement to encourage a healthy lifestyle among Canadians based on abundant evidence that physical activity and exercise reduce the risk of chronic disease. Our group is comprised of passionate graduate students who meet to organize activities for all graduate students. These events include social exercise sessions, speaker series, and a monthly newsletter packed with information to support you on your journey to become more physically active.
If you’re interested in participating in our events or learning more about the club, contact us at
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The Inked Quill Guild: SOGS Chapter 

The Inked Quill Guild is a club all about inks and pens. All things fountain pens, dip pens, calligraphy, inks, etc. belong here. This clubs hosts ink swaps, coordinates pen pals, workshops, and group orders (from places like Wonder Pens, Goulet Pens, or Cult Pens, to save on shipping costs), and hosts a discord channel on the SOGS server for ongoing inky dialogue. As we are new, we are open to feedback from our members on what they would like to see. We plan to evolve and develop based on past events.
Get in touch with the Inked Quill Guild club organizer, Kate McDonald, if you have any questions.  

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WesternU Polish Graduate Student Association

The goal of this  club is to provide opportunities for graduate students of Polish descent (as well as students interested in Polish culture) to make meaningful friendships and connections with other Polish Graduate students, while promoting and maintaining connections to Polish culture and tradition. As a result, members will not only have proximal ties to their culture through their peers and events, but will also be able to meet potential professional connections or research collaborators.

Though members of this organization are not obligated to come to any of the events, the events will create a culturally relevant and social atmosphere that should appeal to graduate students of Polish descent.

There is no set number of events in a given year, but members should expect approximately one monthly event during the Fall and Winter terms.

Get in touch with the WPGSA club organizer, Christopher Kowalski (, if you have any questions. 

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The Society of WesternU Iranian Students (SWIS) club

SWIS is a socio-cultural club for Iranian graduate students at WesternU. The club hosts social events and initiatives on- and off-campus.

Are you interested in Persian culture? Would you like to gather with other fellows on campus to watch Iranian movies, listen to Persian music, try Persian food, and do many other Persian-style activities? 

SWIS aims to provide not only a community for Iranian students but also a real-life experience for other students who are interested in Persian traditions.


  • Monthly movie nights
  • Book discussion sessions
  • Yearly Yalda and Nowruz ceremonies

Want to be a member of the club? Please click on the link for joining our telegram channel HERE.

Get in touch: Email President – Parham Pirayesh (

Running Club

Looking for a group to run with?  

The Running Club meets twice a week during Summer 2022: Wednesdays at 5pm and Sundays at 4pm. We meet in front of the Western Recreation centre. Depending on the size of the group, we split into various paces and distances. Runners of all experience levels welcome

If you would like to become a member, please fill out our intake form here: Membership is not needed to attend runs, you can simply show up! However by becoming a member you’ll get our email updates about upcoming events outside the weekly runs, such as trail runs, races, and so on.

Questions? Comments? You would like to get involved? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Running Club organizer, Jarl G. Taxerås Flaten (

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WesternU Anti-Caste Club

Are you passionate about equality? Do you want to dismantle socio-cultural hierarchies? Join the WesternU Anti-Caste Club. The club meets monthly.

The club seeks to: host reading and discussion sessions of anti-caste literature; and advocate for equality claims of historically  marginalized Dalit, Bahujan, and Adivasi (DBA) folx to be recognized; foreground the concerns of anti-caste movements across India, South Asia, as well as other regions further afield more broadly. The club aims to imbue WesternU with an anti-caste consciousness and ethics in the campus community. 

Want to join the club? Get in touch with the Club chair, Sohini Chatterjee (

Key words: political, advocacy, social justice

WesternU Buddhist Society 

The Western University Buddhist Society (Western UBS) is a friendly community for students who wish to learn about the philosophy and history of Buddhism.
The ultimate purpose of this club is to educate students at Western on Buddhist values, beliefs, customs, and culture. We want to provide resources and opportunities to Western students in order for them to learn about what Buddhism is and what it means to be Buddhist.
Contact Kody Muncaster ( ) to join.
Key words: advocacy, social, spiritual
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