This is notification that the following positions are to be elected at the upcoming April 2023 SOGS Council Meeting on April 27th:
  • Vice-President Academic
  • Vice-President Advocacy
  • Vice-President Finance
  • Vice-President Student Services

Elected Vice-Presidential candidates are expected to serve a 12-month term from May 1, 2023 until April 30, 2024

Want to nominate yourself?

SOGS members in good standing wishing to nominate themselves to any of the positions must send their nomination (and a 1-page election poster/platform for inclusion in the SOGS Council mail-out) to the SOGS Governance & Policy Manager (sogs.governance@uwo.ca) no later than April 19 at 5 pm

Should you have questions about any of these positions, please feel free to contact the current vice-presidents directly or the speaker (speaker@sogs.ca).

SOGS Vice-President Academic

The role of VP Academic is to ensure that graduate students’ academic-related interests and concerns are represented by coordinating academic programs. These include GradcastWestern Research Forum, and the Academic Joint Fund.The VP Academic works closely with graduate students, the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS), and other academic affiliates and stakeholders to discuss various academic issues. 

The VP Academic oversees the Peer Advisor for Academic Matters program, which provides guidance and mediation for the graduate student academic appeals process. More information can be found here.

Please see section 2.1.4 of our Bylaws for a full description of the obligations of the VP Academic.

The VP Academic currently earns a stipend of $1,964.35 per month.

SOGS Vice-President Advocacy

This portfolio focuses on graduate student issues and equity concerns. The current priorities in this role are knowledge management; accessibility and inclusivity; and, improved partnerships with campus and community partners, including the Canadian Federation of Students.

The Vice-President Advocacy acts as the official liaison to the Graduate Student Issues, International Graduate Student Issues, and Sustainability Committees, as well as the Commissioners (Accessibility, Gender Concerns, Pride, and Racial Equity and Inclusivity).

Please see section 2.1.3 of our Bylaws for a full description of the obligations of the VP Advocacy.

The VP Advocacy currently earns a stipend of $1,964.35 per month.

SOGS Vice-President Finance

The role of the VP Finance is to manage the finances of the Society and to oversee the operation of the Grad Club, which includes preparing the annual SOGS budget. The VP Finance is to liaise with finance-related stakeholders on campus, such as UWOFA and the University administration. The VP Finance also acts as the official liaison to the Subsidies, Finance, and Grad Club Committees.

Please see section 2.1.6 of our Bylaws for a full description of the obligations of the VP Finance.

The VP Finance currently earns a stipend of $1,964.35 per month.

SOGS Vice-President Student Service

The VP Student Services oversees some of the benefits and services offered by the Society including, but not limited to, the graduate student health and dental plan, social and orientation events, and various wellness initiatives. The VP Student Services acts as the official liaison to the Graduate Peer Support, Orientation and Social, and Health Plan committees.
Please see section 2.1.5 of our Bylaws for a full description of the obligations of the VP Student Services.

The VP Student Services currently earns a stipend of $1,964.35 per month.

Election Dates

Position Month of election Date of taking office
Appeals Review Commission November 01-December
President As established by the University Secretariat 01-May
Vice-President Academic April 01-May
Vice-President Advocacy April 01-May
Vice-President Finance April 01-May
Vice-President Student Services April 01-May
Speaker June 01-July
Ombudsperson July 01-August
Commissioners October 01-November
Sustainability Coordinator October 01-November
Chief Returning Officer November 01-January
Graduate Representative to the Senate As established by the University Secretariat As established by the University Secretariat
Graduate Representative to the Board of Governors As established by the University Secretariat As established by the University Secretariat



Congratulations to Waliu Alaka on being elected the next SOGS President for the 2023-24 year! Waliu will take office on May 1, 2023.

Thank you to both candidates for showing up with strong campaigns. The Society is made stronger by your engagement with SOGS.

Option Votes
WALIU ALAKA 621 (67.8%)
KEVIN MOORE 295 (32.2%)
Voter Summary  
Total 938
Abstain 22 (2.3%)


The CAMPAIGN PERIOD runs from Tuesday, February 21 to Wednesday, March 8, 2023.


Facebook n/a
Instagram n/a
Twitter n/a n/a
Platform Platform document Platform document
Misc. Campaign Poster Campaign Poster
Email mooreforsogs@gmail.com walaka@uwo.ca


We hosted a SOGS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION DEBATE event via ZOOM and on Facebook Live on Monday, February 27th from 5-7 PM. Watch the debate below. 

DEBATE TRANSCRIPT: Read the accessible transcript from the debate HERE (PDF | WORD.DOCX).

The position of SOGS President will be up for election in the Winter 2023 Term. The position runs from May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024.

The President oversees the day-to-day operations of the Society of Graduate Students. The President:

💼  is an Executive Officer of the Society;
📊 is a vital part of the SOGS operations, overseeing the bookkeeping, legal, and administrative functions of the Society;
👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽 works collaboratively with the SOGS Vice-Presidents to ensure the Academic, Advocacy, Finance, and Student Services portfolios are maintained and in good standing;  
📝 is responsible for holding month Executive meetings
🗳 is a voting member of SOGS council and is responsible to report to Council monthly;
🤝 attends monthly meetings with various WesternU campus stakeholders and administrators; and,
📚 receives formal training (April 2023) from the outgoing President.

More details on position of President is available in the SOGS Constitution & Bylaws (primarily under Bylaws 2.1.2.). The most current version can be downloaded at sogs.ca/documents

If you have any questions about this elected position, please reach out to the outgoing SOGS President, Danica Facca (president@sogs.ca), who will be more than happy to chat with you! 

Elections-related questions can be directed to the CRO, Michael Feagan (cro@sogs.ca).

The president currently receives a monthly stipend of $2,805.


  • Nominations Open: Monday, February 6; 12:00am 
  • Nominations Close: Friday, February 17; 4:00pm 
  • Nominations Posted: Monday, February 20 
  • All Candidates’ Meeting: Tuesday, February 21* , 3:30pm
  • Campaign Period Begins: Tuesday, February 21; 12:00am 
  • Campaign Period Closes: Wednesday, March 8; 11:59pm 
  • Balloting Opens: Thursday, March 9; 8:00am 
  • Balloting Closes: Friday, March 10; 8:00pm 
  • Results Posted: Monday, March 13 
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