SOGS Elections

SOGS Presidential Vote (February 4th and 5th)

All full/associate members will be able to vote using their WesternID. The SOGS Presidential ballot will appear once the voting period begins.
Polls will open at 8 am on February 4 and will close at 8 pm on February 5, 2020.

Meet the Candidates

As the current SOGS President and previous Vice-President Academic, I have been tirelessly advocating for graduate students.

Under my leadership, SOGS survived the era of optional membership (Student Choice Initiative) with one of the highest membership rates in Ontario (96%).

Other successes include:

  • Leading my team that secured over $300,000 in external funding
  • Projecting the highest surplus in SOGS’ history ($80,000 minimum)
  • Creating more bursaries for graduate students, especially for international students, students impacted by OSAP cuts, and students in crises
  • Expanding the Food Bank Program
  • Creating the Thesis Completion Fund program for Year X students
  • Co-leading Western’s Anti-Racism Working Group
  • Creating SOGS Academic Peer Advisor position
  • Changing vacation time regulations to benefit graduate students

If re-elected, my priorities include:

  • Expanding financial support for graduate students
  • Implementing policy governing student-supervisor relationships
  • Empowering women, marginalized groups, people with disabilities, and visible minority groups
  • Enhancing collaboration with Indigenous Student Centre
  • Implementing a sustainable structure for SOGS and services
  • Working with other organizations to lobby for student rights at the provincial and national level

We need to advocate for ourselves. Let’s continue our advocacy journey together. Re-elect Jina Kum.


Facebook page: Re-elect Jina Kum (


Twitter: @JinaKum

I believe strongly in what SOGS does and want to do my part to improve the graduate student experience at Western. 

I aim to empower all those who contribute to SOGS —workers and volunteers alike— through five themes: consultation, research, management, professional development, and innovation.

CONSULTATION ensures proposals are feasible, responsive, and impactful. My library studies experience allows me to meaningfully consult with staff about preferred supports, such as additional team building initiatives.

RESEARCH builds persuasive proposals. As a social science researcher, I can develop proposals for restructuring Council or establishing a Board of Directors.

MANAGEMENT is key to nurturing a supportive work environment and facilitating participation and engagement. My experiences as a technical writer and as an experiential-learning intern have emphasized the potential of practices such as agile project management.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT opportunities provide meaningful experience and compensation for graduate students. My time as SOGS Pride Commissioner and VP Advocacy has proven rewarding personally and professionally. This inspires me to develop new roles and supports for SOGS members.

INNOVATION is key to supporting the evolving needs of our members. My experiences with SOGS can contribute to expanding collaborations with campus and community partners to expand our reach and capacity.




Twitter: @kirstynASDF


2020 Presidential Election: Call-Out for Nominations


The SOGS Presidential nomination period begins Monday, January 6, 2020. If you wish to make a difference in graduate students’ lives and gain valuable leadership experience, nominate yourself to be the 2020–2021 SOGS President.

Nomination forms must be obtained from the SOGS Office (Middlesex College, Room 8). We will accept completed nomination forms between Monday, January 6, 2020 and Friday, January 17, 2020 by 4 pm. Candidates must drop off their completed form, bearing the signatures of two full or associate members of SOGS, to the SOGS Office to be eligible to run. 

For more information about the position of SOGS President, please consider the following:

  • Review our SOGS Bylaws & Constitution, specifically Bylaws 1.6.2, 2.1.1, and 2.1.2.
  • Contact the current President ( and/or the Executive ( to learn about the current projects and personal experience involved with running SOGS.

**Please note that all eligible presidential candidates must attend a mandatory meeting with the SOGS Chief Returning Officer (CRO) and Deputy Chief Returning Officer (DCRO) on January 20th, 2020. Candidates cannot campaign for their position until the official campaign period begins the following day, January 21st, 2020.

If you have any questions, please send all inquiries to Thank you and we look forward to receiving nominations!

All the best,

Martin Ross, Chief Returning Officer (CRO)
April Morris, Deputy Chief Returning Officer (DCRO)

(Some) Duties of the President

A complete description of the President’s duties and elections rules can be found in the SOGS Constitution and Bylaws. A selection appears below.

The President:

  • shall be responsible for the overall operation of the affairs of the Society.
  • shall oversee the bookkeeping and administrative functions of the Society.
  • shall be responsible for ensuring the Vice-Presidents execute their duties.
  • shall be a non-voting member, ex-officio, of all standing committees of the Society.
  • shall be responsible for calling a meeting of the Executive prior to any General or Council meeting.
  • shall chair Executive meetings and prepare an agenda.
  • shall be responsible for the minutes of Executive meetings.
  • shall, with the Vice-President Finance, and only with Council’s approval, enter into loan agreements on behalf of the Society.
  • shall, with the Vice-President Finance, be responsible for the administration of the Society’s emergency loan system, travel grants fund, and child care fund.
  • shall, with the Vice-President Finance, and with Council’s approval, be responsible for the administration of the Society’s long-term investments.
  • shall ensure the names of the winners of Society’s non-confidential sponsored programs are published.
  • shall co-ordinate the contract renewal process for the Society’s office staff.
  • shall maintain organizational charts that reflect the mandate, operations, and needs of the Society, and shall update them annually.
  • shall, as appropriate, call a meeting of all Executive Officers, Commissioners and Committee Chairs to discuss issues with the Society, which shall be reported to Council.
  • shall represent the Society as necessary (or designate an appropriate representative) at meetings of campus organizations (including, by not limited to, the University  Student’s Council, The MBA Association, the PSAC 610, the UWO Faculty Association and the UWO Staff Association), at meetings with University Administrators in any external context, including media and government relations.