Peer Advisor for Academic Matters

The SOGS peer advisor is here to help graduate students and assist in academic matters including:

  • academic appeals
  • relations with supervisors and course instructors
  • discrepancies in funding packages
  • and more…

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2020-2021 Peer Advisor on Academic Matters

Chidambra Halari |

Chidambra Halari is a trained medical graduate from India, who developed a passion for science research during her time completing a Master’s program at Oxford University. Currently, she is a PhD candidate (3rd year) in the department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Western University under Dr. P.K. Lala. Her doctoral research focuses on the biology of human placenta. Outside the lab, Chidambra volunteers as a tutor to students who require assistance in cell biology courses, and she participates in walk-run fundraisers for Make a Wish foundation and breast cancer research.

In order to protect your privacy, all advocacy work done for SOGS members will be kept confidential as per the SOGS confidentiality agreement.

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