All SOGS members are eligible to join a committee. Committees are the cornerstone of graduate life on campus. Committees are a major part of SOGS’ advocacy mandate and the #gradlife experience at Western. Committees help improve conditions for SOGS’ diverse membership.

Each SOGS Executive oversees various committees based on their portfolio’s mandate.

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Overview of Committees

Portfolio of the President 

Chair: Michelle Wong |

Portfolio of the VP Academic

Chair: Erind Alushaj

Find our more about Gradcast here. Listen to  the show on Podbean

ChairAriel Frame |

Portfolio of the VP Advocacy

Check out the  Not All the Same campaign.

Chair: Mohamed AbuGazia |

Chair: Mohammed Ellakany |

Join the IGSIC Facebook group to see their events. Check out IGSIC’s International Graduate Student Guide to Western and our resources for international students.

Chair: Tony Jung  |

Chair: Indra Bishnoi 

Portfolio of the VP Finance

Chair: Michelle Wong |

Chair: Thomas Hamilton |

See the Grad Club website for menu and weekly events.

Chair: Becky Horst |

Portfolio of the VP Student Services

Co-chairs: Naomi-Jean Scherba

Learn more about the GPS Committee here.

Learn more about the  SOGS Extended Health Plan. For general questions about your plan, contact the SOGS Administrative Assistant.

Co-ChairsRoger HudsonNitya Gannavarapu

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Chair: Nicole

Reporting to the Speaker

Chair and Deputy Speaker: Mitchell Glover |

Chair: Mitchell

Chair: Nicole Devos |

reporting to the ombudsperson

Chair: Sarai