Peggy Collins Memorial Award

  • CRITERIA: Awarded to a part-time graduate student in a part-time designated graduate program.   
  • WHO: Preference given to individuals
      • who are in the workforce full-time;
      • have family commitments;
      • and/or are involved in the community on- and off-campus. 
  • VALUE: $1000 each, 2 awards per year
  • ASSESSMENT: The award is based on the quality and compelling nature of the applicant’s essay. Recipients will be selected by the SOGS Academic Committee in consultation with the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.
  • HOW: Fill out this application and email it to the SOGS VP Academic.  
  • HISTORY: This award was made possible by generous donations from the family, friends and colleagues of Peggy Collins, a long-time employee of Western. It is hoped that this award will help to continue Peggy’s unending efforts to support others in their meaningful struggles to balance family, career and personal development.

Deadline: Typically in February of every academic year. STAY TUNED for more information.