New graduate student in 2018? We have plans for you! 

You are invited to our monthly Board Game Night @ the Grad Club on Wednesday, January 17. There will be FREE appetizers and a drink special. Come try out our collection of Board Games and bond with your colleagues!

On Thursday, January 18, SOGS is hosting a NEW STUDENT PARTY @ the Grad Club. Services at Western will be in attendance to allow you to get to know what’s available to you as a graduate student. Dinner, games, and prizes!

To purchase your ticket for the New Student Party, visit the SOGS Office (UCC 260) (*cash only). If you wish to get your ticket before the new term rush, email your name and student number, in addition to sending an electronic transfer (EFT) of $6 to sogs.communications@uwo.ca. 

CLICK ON “Gearing Up for Graduate School: Western’s Student Services” for a full list of programming for the 2017-2018 year.

Our Department Orientation presentation is openly available if you would like to view it. We also have a dedicated orientation documents folder available in our public Dropbox.

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Need help navigating your way around Western Campus? This map has been tailor-made just for you!

Click on image to open PDF version

Click on image to open PDF version

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Orientation schedule

Join our Orientation Facebook Event page and share the event with your friends and colleagues!

International Graduate Student Meet & Greet – FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY

Incoming international graduate students are welcome to register for this FREE event (click to register). At the event, you will be paired up with current international graduate students from your home country. There will be refreshments, appetizers, and ice breaker games!

Welcome to YOUR Grad Club

Want to ensure your Graduate Association/Department is attending this event? Be sure to contact your representation and encourage them to sign up. Please see the Grad Association list for contact information.

Amazing Race: SOGS Edition

Interested in competing for a $200 Grad Club certificate? Sign up as a team of four or as a free agent for our Amazing Race: SOGS Edition. All winners receive free admission to our Bonfire Night (September 15). All participants receive a $5 Grad Club certificate.

 Purchasing Tickets 

Tickets for the New Student Party ($10 – new students only) and the Bonfire Night ($5 – open to all students) can be purchased during the SGPS September 7 Orientation in Alumni Hall or at the SOGS Office (UCC 260).

More information regarding the orientation schedule and event descriptions is available online.


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Thriving in Graduate School: Taking Care of Yourself

SOGS and SGPS (School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) have worked together to amalgamate all the relevant resources for graduate students in a single place: the Thriving in Graduate School hub.

Graduate School is often described as a balancing act. With all your responsibilities in graduate school, it often feels as though there is no time left to look after yourself. It is therefore important to remember that no graduate student is an island, and no graduate degree is achieved without the advice of your colleagues, supervisor, and support services.

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Important Academic 2017-2018 Term Dates

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Important SOGS and London Community Services

For a full list of community services (parenting, mental health, pride, accessibility, indigenous, etc.), see here.

The Grad Orientation Handbook is distributed at SGPS Orientation in September and available online. This year’s Handbook will be available at the end of August.

All full-time members receive a bus pass (WesternONE student card is your “tap” pass). This is included in your student fees. Click here for more information.

All full-time members are automatically enrolled in the Health and Dental Plan. Click here for more information about the Plan.





SOGS recognizes that food insecurity is an increasing challenge faced by graduate students at Western. As part of SOGS’ commitment to health and wellness initiatives on campus, the SOGS food bank program for non-TA members aims to reduce the impact financial shortfalls have on a student’s ability to access healthful and nutritious food options for themselves and their families. Click here for a link to the application form.




SOGS members receive an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). These cards are the only internationally recognized proof of full-time student status. Click here for more information.

Are you an international student? The “International Graduate Students: Guide to Western University” created by our International and Graduate Student Issues Committee (IGSIC) can help you settle in at Western. Click here to see the Guide.

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Gearing Up for Graduate School

Click the above image for a list of 2017-2018 grad student programming offered. Programming can be found within the portfolios of the following services:

A text version of the following info-graphic is available online.


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Department Graduate Student Associations/Councils

SOGS is currently developing a complete list of all Graduate Student Associations/Councils. Details regarding these groups, including contact information, will be made available soon. If you are aware of your Graduate Association/Council, please contact your Graduate Administrative Assistant. In the meantime, please contact sogs@uwo.ca.

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