Goblet of Knowledge

A SOGS tradition since 2008, the Goblet of Knowledge has become an icon of graduate life and scholarly achievement at Western University. A symbol of hard work, dedication, perseverance,  and academic success, the Goblet has graced the lips of hundreds of graduate students over the last decade.  Drinking from the Goblet is a benefit of your SOGS membership.

The Goblet of Knowledge?:

When you successfully defend your Master’s or PhD thesis, you are entitled to a FREE drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) of your choice in the Goblet at the Grad Club! In order to use the Goblet, you must RESERVE it with the Grad Club staff first.

How To Reserve the Goblet:

  • Email the Grad Club Manager, Marc Lalonde, at gradclub@uwo.ca and provide your student number OR complete this intake form HERE.
  • Please give the staff two business days to verify your status and reserve the Goblet. NOTE: While we will do everything in our power to ensure you get the bragging rights of drinking from the Goblet post-defense, please be advised that there are times when the Goblet is in use and could be unavailable.


  • Head over to the Grad Club with your supervisor, committee, and family, for a celebratory drink.
  • If you have confirmed your reservation with the Grad Club, your name will be on a list and you will receive your drink of choice.
  • If you have not booked the Goblet in advance, talk to the bar staff and present them with your student number.

Let’s Celebrate Your Success:

When you drink from the Goblet of Knowledge, be sure to take lots of photos to commemorate such an important milestone! Your peers love to hear about the academic success of graduate students on campus. If you want to share a photo of yourself drinking from the Goblet either email sogs.communications@uwo.ca or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Be sure to include #IDrankFromTheGoblet on social media posts. Seeing pictures of graduate student successfully complete their graduate degrees offers your peers a sense of community … and hope that the end is in sight!

Additionally, if you would like to inform your peers about your upcoming public lecture prior to your defense, please email us and we can share the information on social media for you!



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