Council Summary

For the full July Council Meeting package, see here.

The next Council meeting will take place August 27, 2020 on Zoom.

Speaker’s Corner: 5-6pm (prior to Council meetings, last Thursday of the month) on Zoom. For all Council related matters or to attend Speaker’s Corner, contact

Upcoming Events
Self-Care and Support
 SOGS Financial Support and Funds
  • VICE-PRESIDENT FINANCE: Becky Horst was acclaimed! Congratulations!
  • OMBUDSPERSON: Amelia Yuan was elected! Congratulations!
  • Call for nominations:
    • SOGS Gender Concerns Commissioner: SOGS members in good standing wishing to nominate themselves to the position of SOGS Gender Concerns Commissioner must send their nomination (as well as an optional 1-page election poster/platform for inclusion in the SOGS Council mail-out) to the Speaker ( no later than August 18, 2020 at 5:00 pm EDT. More information at
  • Motion 1:  Allows summer term subsidies to applied to via an online format
  • Motion 2: Allows one member of the BSC to take on adjudication of summer term subsidies IF the position of administrative coordinator is not filled by August 30th
  • Motion 3: Allows SOGS to use a portion of the health plan credit to pilot StudentCare’s Empower Me program
  • Motion 4: Approves the Executive to draft a letter to Western Parking Services on behalf of graduate students
  • Motion N05: SOGS Executive to release two letters from McKenzie Lake lawyers to the SOGS membership