Council Summary

Access the July 2021 Council package package.


  •  Motion 1: Council approves the Bursaries and Subsidies Policy Document as seen in Appendix A of the July Council Package
  • Motion 2: Council approves the Policy Committee Policy Document as seen in Appendix B of the July Council Package
  • Motion 3 and Motion 4, regarding SPEC honoraria, were approved for removal for this month’s agenda
  • Motion 5: Council approves the alignment of nomenclature between the Executive and Non-Executive sections in the unified documents
  • Motion 6: Council approves the specifications regarding a Chairperson’s responsibilities and access to corresponding remuneration
  • Motion 7: Council approves the establishment of a concrete rule outlining election campaigning parameters
  • Motion 8: Council approves the establishment of further parameters regarding election campaigning
  • Motion 9: Council approves the equal and fair treatment of candidates during election campaigning
  • Motion 10: Council approves the migration of bylaw/policy section covering ‘voting’ and ‘ballot counting’
  • Motion 11: Council approves a check and balance afforded to any individual wishing to contest the election results within reason
  • Motion 12: Council approves a process for the Chief Returning Officer to submit appeal/disqualifications


The following committees had new members ratified:
  • Anti-Racism Committee (ad-hoc)
  • Equity Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Grad Cast Committee
  • Graduate Peer Support
  • Graduate Student Issues Committee
  • Health Plan Committee
  • International Graduate Student Issues Committee
  • Orientation & Social Committee
  • Policy Committee
  • Sustainability Committee

2021-22 Ombudsperson: Claire Tully (