Council Summary


  • SOGS Office will be closed to members on the Friday after Council.
  • Western University will resume classes on January 11th for all undergraduate and most graduate programs. Check with your faculty.
  • Western is adding a new policy come January for all staff and employees on campus (including TAs) to allow the use of 2 new “flex days” for vacation use between January 4 and May 31. These are supposed to be used for any type of mental health day or vacation day and are to be organized with your course supervisors.
  • The Graduate Peer Support Committee is looking for members to submit recipes, culinary tips & tricks, and/or food resources to the SOGS Survival Guide to Cooking! Head over to to learn more! 
  • Graduate Student Issues Survey is LIVE! Check your inboxes for an email from SOGS, or check out @westernsogs on social media. In order to better advocate for members, SOGS needs your feedback. SOGS is giving out 3 x $50 grocery store gift cards as prizes for participating. 
  • Land Defender Panel: Call-out for 2 grad student panelists (see for more information)


  • Motion 1 – Council approved the creation of an ad-hoc anti-racism committee
  • Motion 2 – Council approved the Non-TA UHIP subsidy application form (see for more information)
  • Motion 3 – Council approved the Bursaries and Subsidies Committee’s Policy document
  • Motion 4 – Council approved the Policy Committee’s Policy document
  • Motion 5 – Council approved the Orientation & Social Committee’s Policy document
  • Motion 7 – Council extended the SOGS Pilot Executive Compensation project’s report by one year


The following committees had new members ratified:
  • Appeals Review Commission
  • Equity Committee
  • Grad Club Committee
  • GradCast Committee 
  • Graduate Peer Support Committee
  • Graduate Student Issues Committee
  • Health Plan Committee
  • Orientation and Social Committee
  • Policy Committee
  • Sustainability Committee
The following individuals were elected to new/returning roles and should be set up within the system accordingly: 
Accessibility Commissioner: Merna Seliman
Indigenous Commissioner: Geneveave Barbo
Racial Equity and Inclusivity Commissioner: Denise Kamyuka
Chief Returning Officer: Laila Zaitoun
VP Advocacy: Yousuf Hasan