Council Summary


November 2021 Council Package (PDF)

Included below are the actionable items/reminders from the November 2021 Council Meeting. 


  • Motion 1: Council recommends that the Travel Subsidy and Placement Subsidy line items be combined for the remainder of the 2021–2022 fiscal year.
  • Motion 2: Council recommends that the Capital Purchases line item be increased by $1,500, funded from the SOGS reserve, for the purpose of purchasing computer equipment.
  • Motion 3: Council adopts the Finance Committee’s surplus recommendations, accepts that the remaining unused surplus be placed in the SOGS reserve for future use, and recommends that the Finance Committee acts as the Requisitioning Committee for surplus purchasing requests surpassing $5,000.
  • Motion 4: Council recommends the Finance Committee’s recommended choice of external auditor for the Society.
  • Motion 5: Council recommends that the Bursaries and Subsidies Committee be renamed as the Subsidies Committee and approves the updated Subsidies Committee Policy document.
  • Motion 6: Council recommends that the Thesis Completion Subsidy and the Non-TA UHIP Subsidy be moved from the last week of the first month of the term to the last week of the second month of each term.
  • Motion 7: Council recommends that SOGS sign onto the Graduate Students of Canada memorandum of understanding as a formal member.
  • Motion 8: Council accepts the updated International Graduate Student Issues Committee Policy Document


  • Academic Committee – Western Research Forum
  • Anti-Racism Committee
  • Bursaries & Subsidies Committee
  • GradCast Committee
  • Graduate Peer Support
  • Health Plan Committee
  • International Graduate Student Issues Committee
  • Orientation & Social Committee
  • Policy Committee
  • Sustainability Committe

Chief Returning Officer: Esther Fagbemi