Council Summary

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  • Motion 1 – Council recommends that the amendment to of the Constitution put forth by the Bylaws and Constitution Committee be brought forth for vote at the next General Meeting.
  • Motion 2 – Council approves Bylaws and Constitution Committee motion to amend wording in,,,, and of unified documents to read as “the Teaching Assistant Union” instead of “PSAC 610.”
  • Motions 3 – 14 – Council approves the recommended 2020-21 honoraria for committee chairs.
  • Motion 15 – Council approves the current draft of the Personnel Policy Document, which will now be sent to the Society’s legal counsel for further review.
  • Motion N01 – Council approves honorarium for Former VP Student Services for his service in training the incoming VP Student Services during the month of May, 2021.
  • Motion N02 – Council approves SOGS’ endorsement of the letter from Canadian Federation of Students of Ontario (CFS) that supports the Pivot the Clock Campaign.
The following committees had new members ratified:
  • Academic Committee – Western Research Forum
  • Ad-Hoc Anti Racism Committee
  • Bursary and Subsidy Committee
  • Grad Club Committee
  • GradCast Committee
  • Graduate Peer Support Committee
  • Graduate Student Issues Committee
  • International Graduate Student Issues Committee
  • Policy Committee
Indigenous CommissionerEugene Victoria Bomberry
Speaker: Liam Clifford