Statements from the 2017-2018 Executive:

SOGS Presidential Election (February)

Current Executive Officers

President Mary Blake Rose


Mary Blake Rose is 4th-year PhD Candidate in Music Theory. Before taking office as President, she served as a SOGS Councillor and committee member, and was also on PSAC Local 610’s executive committee. During her term as President, Mary Blake’s projects have included building SOGS’s relationships with federal and provincial politicians, maintaining strong working relationships with university administrators, and revising the SOGS Policy Manual. She also collaborates with the four Vice-Presidents on their projects and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Society. In addition to her work with SOGS, Mary Blake volunteers in the London community as an environmental lobbyist.

Please see section 2.1.2 of our Bylaws for a full description of the obligations of the President.

VP AcademicJina Kum


The role of VP Academic is to ensure that graduate students’ academic-related interests and concerns are represented by coordinating academic programs. These include GradcastWestern Research Forum, the Graduate Student Teaching Awards, and the Joint Fund for Graduate Research. The VP Academic works closely with graduate students, the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS), and other academic affiliates and stakeholders to discuss various academic issues. 

The VP Academic also provides guidance and mediation for (with support from the SOGS President and the VP Advocacy) the graduate student academic appeals process. More information can be found here.

VP Advocacy | Wesam AbdElhamid Mohamed


Wesam AbdElhamid Mohamed is a M.Sc student in Engineering. He is happy to be in the role of VP Advocacy with an active portfolio of committees with keen members. With a number of important events and projects already underway, he is excited to foster relationships with key partners on campus and in the community to ensure initiatives continue to thrive and grow on the great foundation that has been built.

This portfolio focuses on graduate student issues and equity concerns. Wesam’s priorities in this role are knowledge management; accessibility and inclusivity; and, improved partnerships with campus and community partners, including the Canadian Federation of Students.

Please see section 2.1.3 of our Bylaws for a full description of the obligations of the VP Advocacy.

VP Finance | Steven Janisse


Steven Janisse is a PhD Candidate in Music Theory.

Please see section 2.1.6 of our Bylaws for a full description of the obligations of the VP Finance.

VP Student Services | Jeremy Johnston


Jeremy Johnston is a PhD candidate in the Department of English Literature.

Please see section 2.1.5 of our Bylaws for a full description of the obligations of the VP Student Services.

Elections Timeline

Nominations for the position of President are received in March. All SOGS members may vote in the Presidential election. The election is overseen by the Chief Returning Officer. If there is only one candidate, they are acclaimed to the position. For more information on the role of President, please consult Bylaw 2.1.2

Nominations for the Vice President positions are staggered. Nominations are received during the month of the election, and must be submitted to the Council Package; submissions must be received by the Speaker two Tuesdays prior to the monthly Council meeting. The election takes place at Council and votes are cast by departmental Councillors. If there is only one candidate for any position, they are acclaimed to the position. For more information of the Vice President roles, please consult Bylaws 2.1.3 – 2.1.6

Position Month of election Day of taking office
President March May 1
VP Academic June July 1
VP Advocacy April May 1
VP Finance April May 1
VP Student Services April May 1

Past Executives

  • Laura Cabral, VP Finance (2017-18)
  • Vanessa Lilly, VP Advocacy (2017-2018)
  • Tamara Hinan, President (2015-2017)
  • Madison Bettle, VP Student Services (2015-2018)
  • kirstyn seynor, VP Advocacy (2015-2017)