June 2019 Council Summary

For the full June Council package, see here.

The next Council meeting will take place July 25th in MC 110.

Speaker’s Corner: 4-5pm (prior to Council meetings, last Thursday of the month) @ the Grad Club. For all Council related matters, contact speaker@sogs.ca.

Upcoming Events:

  • Monthly Bring Your Own Crafts: July 8th, 7pm @ the Grad Club
  • Monthly Board Game Night: July 17th, 7pm @ the Grad Club
  • Monthly Karaoke Nights: July 19th, 7pm @ the Grad Club
  • VRcadia event July 25 (after council) (8pm – ?). Refreshments will be provided. VRcadia is the VR event space at Richmond St. and Oxford St. The owner is a previous SOGS member. Entire space will be booked off for SOGS members.
  • SOGS goes to Canada’s Wonderland! Saturday, August 17 (8am-8pm). $65 per person. Buy your tickets at the SOGS office AFTER the long weekend. 

Self-Care and Support

  • SOGS Peer Advisor for Academic Matters: Ariana Potichnyj (advisor.academic@sogs.ca)
  • Graduate Peer Support (GPS): drop-in will resume in the fall.
  • Dissertation drop-in: Fridays from 10am-3:45pm. Bring your lunch, coffee and snacks, and write in a stress-free space all day in the SOGS multi-purpose room.

 SOGS Financial Support and Funds


  • Speaker: Lola Wong was acclaimed as the new SOGS Speaker
  • Call for SOGS Ombudsperson nominations (election to take place at July Council): SOGS members in good standing wishing to nominate themselves to the position must send their nomination (as well as an optional 1-page election poster/platform for inclusion in the SOGS Council mail-out) to the Speaker (speaker@sogs.ca) no later than July 16th  at 5:00 pm EDT. 


  • A motion was passed to create the position of Racialized Students’ Commissioner.
  • A motion was passed to provide an honorarium to the GSTA Committee Chair for his service in May-June 2019.
  • A motion passed to delay the start of the Research Assistant position until January 2020.
  • A motion to restructure and update Section 3.6 “Other Policies” and to relocate these policies into a new Chapter 4 entitled “Position Statements” was passed.
  • Motions were passed to extend the Freedom of Expression committee’s term to Fall 2019 in order to plan and execute a Freedom of Expression event in mid-to-late September, and to allocate $200 from the President’s discretionary fund to this September event.
  • A motion was passed to charge HST on SOGS membership dues.

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