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Free goddess yoga for everyone! July 5, 8:30AM-9:10AM @ Innovation Works London (201 King Street)

Thesis Writing Time July 6, 13, 20, 27 @ The SOGS office/ 10AM – 3:45PM











yoga on UC Hill July 10 @ 7PM

SOGS goes to CANADA’S WONDERLAND! Saturday, July 28












BOARD GAME NIGHT – 7PM / July 18 @ The Grad Club











Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream & Tie Dye – July 24 @ The Grad Club











LONDON PRIDE PARADE – July 29. Come out and support London’s LGBTQIA+ community.

Wear purple, be PROUD. Snap a pic, tag #westernupride and show your pride!

Beginning July 3 until July 29, Western’s Pride banner will be travelling across campus. Schedule: Grad Club (July 9 – 13) / UCC (July 16 – 23) 


LIVING ON A TIGHT BUDGET – Graduate Student Cookbook


























Members interested in running for SOGS ombudsperson have until the July Council package report deadline (July 17th) to nominate themselves. Candidates running for Ombudsperson should send their nomination to the Speaker (speaker@sogs.ca). Candidate statements will be published in the July Council package. The election will be held at July Council (Thursday, June 26, 2018).

From the SOGS Pride Commissioner:

London’s Pride Festival will be from July 19-29! We will be attending events throughout the week, if you are interested in joining us please email pride@sogs.ca and we will make sure you are on the mailing list. We are also looking for individuals interested in presenting their research on topics related to LGBTQIA+ community at the Pride Festival. If you are interested please email pride@sogs.ca.

From SOGS Accounting Manager:

SOGS is proud to announce that $421,608.00 was awarded in Bursaries and Subsidies for the 2017-18 academic year:

  • $6,000 awarded in 125th Anniversary Scholarships
  • $9,600 awarded for Child Care Subsidies
  • $66,508 awarded for Travel and Placement Subsidies
  • $14,000 awarded for Graduate Student Teaching Awards
  • $325,500 awarded in Bursaries

The Summer OSOTF & OOP Bursaries have been Awarded!  A total of $108,000 was awarded to 72 of our Members!  Congratulations to the Winners!




Thesis Completion Fund:

The Thesis Completion Fund is a collaborative, one-time awards program between SOGS and Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 610 (PSAC 610) to help members of the Society of Graduate Students.

Based on academic merit and research excellence, and financial need, its aim is to provide assistance to graduate students beyond the end of their funding packages.

SOGS and PSAC 610 advocate for proper funding according to the needs of each graduate students.

The application (please print one-sided only to help with distribution during adjudication) is due in paper form no later than July 31, 2018 at 4 pm to The Society of Graduate Students, Middlesex College, Room 8, Western University, London, ON N6A 5B7.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail SOGS VP Academic, Jina Kum, at academic@sogs.ca.

Please note that award will be adjudicated by a committee comprised of SOGS members, whom have signed the Confidentiality Agreement to protect applicant’s confidentiality and privacy. SOGS confidentiality agreement document (PDF)



VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR THE 2018 SOGS ORIENTATION IN SEPTEMBER! To sign-up to be a volunteer, please email services@uwo.ca.

SOGS International Graduate Student Orientation: Volunteers needed! September 11

Call for SOGS committee members & volunteers:


SOGS Services



Western is moving to a smoke-free campus in a three-step process:

1.  Now – more clear air around campus – no smoking within 10 metres of buildings;
2.  July 1, 2018 – smoking will be allowed in designated areas only;
3.  July 1, 2019 – smoke-free campus.

Western’s smoking policy is meant to protect people from second-hand smoke, and create a healthier, cleaner campus for those who live, study, work and visit here.  A move to a smoke-free campus will offer challenges to some members of our community but the health and wellbeing of our community will improve as we go smoke-free. For smokers who wish to quit, help is available. Information about smoking cessation support.


Parking and construction: Find information about parking issues resulting from summer construction here.



  • SOGS June trivia contest winners. Pick up your prize (GC voucher) at the SOGS office.
    • Gargi Jaju
    • Chantal Lemire
    • Chandell Gosse
  • Trivia question for July: 


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